My Family

Evan Matthew & Ryan Peter

The boys are 23 months apart.  We struggled and struggle with fertility and having these boys in my life is the greatest blessing of all time.  I can't imagine my life without them.  

 My husband Matt.  He is a Merchant Marine and works on a drill ship in the Gulf of Mexico.  He is usually away for 3-4 weeks at a time.  After he gets off the ship, he usually has 3-4 weeks home.  I am sure he would like to say when he's home he's on vacation but his honey do list is pretty long.

We were married September 1, 2007.  

We had Evan August 9, 2012

This way by far the best day of my life!  I was driving Matt to the airport to head back to the ship when my water broke.  Evan was a month early.  What a surprise! Thankfully Matt was able to stay home with us and we enjoyed a long 9 weeks together before he left.  

Ryan was born July 16, 2014.  Ryan was a week late!  I never want to be 41 weeks pregnant again in the middle of July but I would do it over and over if it meant having the 2nd best day of my life! 

I love these crazy boys.  

Newman is an english mastiff.  He was our first baby.  

Shibley is our Saint. Bernard. 

Kinley is a brindle english mastiff.  She is actually Newman's niece.  

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