Wednesday, June 7, 2017

What to Wear Hiking

Moving to NH is going to bring probably the best hiking and with that a girl needs to be prepared.  I've compiled a list of stuff that is certainly way above and beyond what most need but in order to do it in style, here are a few tips and tricks.  Since I am married to a woodsmen, lumberjack & forester - I need to know my stuff.  

One of my favorite go to brands for this stuff is prAna.  They were so very kind to send me a pair of shorts.  So a huge THANK YOU to prAna for the most comfy hiking shorts ever... 

General Advice

  • Wear materials that wick sweat and dry quickly. (Polyester and synthetic blends are perfect.)
  • When you want to take a break, you will be sitting either on the ground, a stump, or a rock, so be sure to wear something that you wouldn’t mind getting snagged.


Any short-sleeved or sleeveless top will do for day hikes, especially those made of quick dry material.

Top Recommendations:

Shorts or Pants

Running shorts or spandex shorts work just fine, as will capri-length leggings. For pants, I would encourage lightweight hiking pants over anything else because they are more breathable and comfortable.
I personally swear by prAna, a women’s outdoor clothing brand, when it comes to hiking. (And life in general! I wear their things on a regular basis when in town!) Their fabrics hold up so well and they offer a more feminine cut than other brands.

Shorts and Pants Recommendations:

No denim!  This is very uncomfortable on the trail.


Tennis shoes work fine for day hikes. If you are going to hike periodically and want to invest in shoes more suited to this activity, I recommend getting trail running shoes. I have used the following shoes with great success and they rank very highly by gear review sites.

Shoe Recommendations:

Note: go a half size up for most comfort
Hiking boots are even more stable and are great for longer hikes. Try the Lowa Renegade GTX–these are mine and I love them.


Regular athletic socks work fine! If you’re going to buy hiking socks, I love the Darn Tough brand.

Sock Recommendations:

I recommend light or medium cushion for hiking. When hiking in Texas, go with light. Medium is too hot.

Rain Jacket or Poncho

Having a rain jacket or poncho is essential in the mountains. Rain comes frequently and unexpectedly you don’t want to be caught without it.
Now, if you are hiking in Texas, where it doesn’t rain as often, a rain jacket is not imperative unless rain is in the forecast.

Rain Jacket Recommendations:

Day Pack

Carry a small backpack with you (see What to Pack in Your Day Pack for guidance) on each day hike. This is for water, sunscreen, etc.

Day Pack Recommendations:


The sun can be brutal and you’ll want a hat to keep it off your face, so be sure to bring a baseball cap or wide brimmed hat with you.
You can never go wrong with a hat made by Tilley Endurables (I’m kind of addicted to mine…).
Trucker hats are also wildly popular on the trail.

Hat Recommendations


Any sunglasses will do, but if you want to get technical, polarized sunglasses are great at cutting out the glare of sunny outdoor landscapes.

Sunglass Recommendations

That about covers the basics! If you are hiking in the dead of winter, you will need to add layers, but this should do for the rest of the year.
Happy hiking, ladies.

Thank you to prAna and Stonyfield for sponsoring this post.

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