Monday, June 5, 2017

Quick Everyday Makeup

1. eye liner  //  2. foundation  //  3. foundation brush  //  4. concealer  //  5. translucent powder  //  6. blush/bronzer combo  //  7. primer  //  8. blush brush  //  9. blush   //  10. lipstick (velvet teddy)  //  11. mascara

I’ve been getting so many questions about makeup lately that I decided to do a beauty posts. This post is on my easy everyday makeup routine. If I’m stepping out of the house for errands or visiting a friend this is what I’ll throw on.

I actually start with primer and eye liner first! I’m bad at smudging and messing up eye liner. So, putting it on first lets me clean up any unevenness with a q-tip. This is my favorite light weight foundation and my new favorite foundation brush. I cover up any spots, and I’m getting lots of them during pregnancy, with this longwear concealer (a tiny bit goes a long way). I then swipe on a bit of translucent power with this power brush

Next is a little blush and bronzer just add a touch of color. And, finally, I finish with a little lipstick and mascara. Sometimes, gasp, I opt for no mascara. If I do use it, this one is my favorite

That pretty much sums up my easy everyday makeup routine. I can slap this all on quickly, I’d say in about 5 minutes I’m ready to head out. 

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