Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Show & Tell Tuesday

My plans today were to post for Stonyfield (which I did) but I couldn't help myself.  I had to post for our link up on Show & Tell- memory lane.... 

Twice a month I link up with Andrea from momfessionals and we tell you something.  Today I am telling you about my fun memories growing up in the 80's.  

LOVE LOVE LOVE TGIF!  My favorite was Full House.  I never got into FULLER HOUSE but this was my jam.

I remember I used to LOVE these sweatshirts.  I had one in red and I treasured it.  

These are maybe more late 90's but Oh my, they bring back so many memories.  I wore these shoes until they broke.  I loved my Steve Madden's.

I made a bet with my dad one day about a football game and our bet was if I won I would get a Redskins starter jacket and if I lost I would have to clean the garage.  I loved this jacket.  I actually remember exactly when it was stole.  I was trying out for the basketball team and Shanna McAbe just put on my jacket and wore it out the locker room.  Everyone was afraid of her and so I just let her wear it out and Oh my!!  My dad was furious and I remember I refused to tell them who took my jacket.  That was a sad day.  

Sun In, YES!!!!!  I loved this stuff... and baby oil when I was in high school.  I would spray so much in my hair... haha, thinking back is hilarious.

Speaking of hair, I started perming my hair when I was young.  My gramma would take me to get her hair permed and I remember loving it so much she finally got mine done and we would get our perms together.  I still love the smell of a good perm solution.

Thanks for following.  I just had to jump on this memory lane wagon this morning.  Seeing all your posts made me laugh.  I'll see you tomorrow.

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