Thursday, May 25, 2017

Life Lately

It has been a while since I have done a Life Lately post.  I have so much to catch you up on.  I am going to over indulge you with photos, some dating back to the beginning of the month.

We are closing out this school year and jumping into summer and we are all so excited over here.

Ryan has a little to much fun at church.

Earlier this month we celebrated our biggest boy's 10th birthday.  He is such a good boy.  I can't believe it has been ten years.   Happy Birthday Newman!

We had a cookout and birthday party up at Nana's house for Newman.  Complete with cake and ice cream and a Paw Patrol piñata.  

Shibley had a little cake and ice cream... 

Berries don't last ten minutes in this house.  I brought two packages home, rinsed,  drained and turned around and one was already eaten.  

Monday morning didn't go over so well!  This is what happens when you try and let your two year old help make your coffee.

We took a ride up to NH to meet with our builder.  They needed to take measurements of the kitchen. It was a long drive for a quick visit but this view and a new kitchen is totally worth it.

We had a mini heat wave and we took a trip to the zoo.  Regardless of the heat the boys had a blast.  Earliest bed time we have had in a long time.

I think I see goats in our future.  Ryan was in love.

They each had a turn on one ride.  Ryan picked the cars, Evan picked the plane.

After t-ball this week we hit up our first patio dining of the season.  Lunch on the patio at Cheesecake.  What better way to end a t-ball game.

My boys love dining out... For the most part they are really good.  They have moments when they act up but we do really enjoy being out together so it is nice to enjoy the same restaurants.  Where we actually split real entrees instead of eating off the kids menu.

We came home later to Bob Apples and a few of our other chickens... the boys collected eggs for Sunday breakfast.

That is a little life lately for you.  

We have two days of school left and we are out for the summer.   WoooHooo, yet we have so much to do around the house.  I am starting to finally feel better.  The nausea is a little less and I am super excited about that.  

Hope you guys have a great holiday weekend.  

See you soon.

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