Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Stonyfield & the NE Aquarium

Exciting News!!!  Today is world penguin day... and what better way to honor these beautiful animals is to spend time with them at the aquarium.  A huge thank you to Stonyfield Yogurt for making this happen for me and my family. 

As the country's leading organic yogurt maker, Stonyfield has long been focusing on conservation and sustainability.  Each year they keep over 185,000 pounds of toxic pesticides out of the environment, helping to safeguard species and their eco-systems.

Stonyfield & YoKids is sponsoring the Saving Animals from Extinction program; together on a mission to help save endangered species.  As part of a year long effort, Stonyfield will not only be contributing funds to field work but aiming to drive kids and their families to see animals and conservation projects first hand at zoos, aquariums, and on the ground where the research is happening.

The lovable African penguin and most endangered species will be featured on the Stonyfield YoKids packaging this year... How cute!  Your kids are totally going to love seeing their animals from the aquarium come home with them from the grocery store.

We had such a blast visiting these little guys.  The boys were super excited to see them and wanted to swim with them badly.  I was worried one of them would go right over the side trying to get the best look.   It was a perfect day!

Evan was super interested in asking questions.  He truly cares about these animals and wants to learn so much more.  He is already asking when we are going to be going back.  The babies we saw were so cute and they were swimming all around.  We all were amazed at how fast they swim.  Evan even noticed at how little effort they needed to set forth in order to fly through the water.

Although, boys will be boys... their funniest memory of the penguins they have engrained in their memory is the green slime that "shoots out their butt"  -yup, all boy.

The penguins weren't the only site to see... we got to see some very unique and cool animals.  It was a busy day learning and walking all around.  Plus the boys learned a ton about sharks.  We went to the 3D movie about the great white and it was amazing.  

Now there even more reason for parents and kids to love Stonyfield YoKids.  Stonyfield recently announced a sugar reduction across its yogurt portfolio- and that includes YoKids.

Stonyfield's yogurt is always made with USDA organic, non GMO ingredients.  It now features as much as 40% less sugar than the leading low-fat's kids' yogurt.

Stonyfields efforts and advances in sugar reduction provide a better yogurt option for the entire family, starting where it matters the most.  With your kids! :)

Stonyfield YoKids is also featuring an on-pack offer to get families to visit any of the 131 participating AZA accredited member zoos and aquariums in their own communities.  Now through the end of September families who buy two specially marked YoKids yogurt multipacks will receive a FREE kid's admission to their local AZA accredited zoo or aquarium when they also buy an adult ticket.  Here is a list of the participating establishments.

Thank's so much for stopping in and a HUGE THANK YOU to Stonyfield for sponsoring this post.

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