Wednesday, April 19, 2017

5 Steps for Healthy Skin

Looking in the mirror, I thought what better than a post all about skin care?  Skin care is so important for everyone, men and women, and at every age.  I have 5 basic steps to my routine: cleanse, exfoliate, treat, moisturize, and protect.  I think that each step is equally important in maintaining healthy skin, but the most important are cleansing, protecting, and moisturizing.  If you don’t do anything else, at least these three will keep your skin in line.  Treating and exfoliating help with skin turn over and building new collagen, which is extremely important as we start to age.  I think of these steps as special mini home spa moments.  A time to take care of myself, and unwind from a long day.

Cleanse – I cannot stress how important it is to cleanse your face every night.  Washing off what’s left of your makeup, and any environmental particles is a must.  Before I wash my face, I take off any excess mascara or eye line with Lancome’s makeup remover.  I find it’s the gentlest on my skin, not leaving me feeling dry to sticky.  I cleanse every single night with the Clarisonic device and CeraVe face wash.  The sensitive skin head for the Clarisonic is best if you’re going to use it on a daily basis.  My skin seems to get aggravated if I use the regular head too often.  It’s been a few years since I’ve used this handy little gadget, and I love it!  There are other less expensive alternatives if you’d like to give that a whirl instead.  This one is budget friendly, and I’ve heard good things about it.  I finish off with a Rose Water Spray that smells heavenly.  If I exfoliate, I’ll spray this after exfoliation.

Exfoliate – About two to three times a week I exfoliate.  I find my skin is more radiant, glowing, the day after I exfoliate.  A while back ago I got a sample of ExfoliKate, and I use in the shower after cleansing my face. This product tingles a bit, and may feel like it burns if you have sensitive skin.  So, just be aware of that when you try it out for the first time.   Two other products I’ve used in the past that I like are a) this Philosophy wash and b) this Aveeno scrub.  Both are great products that leave your skin feeling dewy, and renewed.  

Treat – A little special treatment every once in a while goes a long way.  Depending on the time of year, and how your skin feels, give it a treatment once a week.  Origins really has some great products, and I’ve tested out a sample of this skin relief mask.  I find it is doing wonders for my skin in this crazy weather, hot one day and so cold the next.  This pack of Glam Glow masks is great for picking and choosing something different each time.  I think it’s a bargain for being able to try all three of these.  So, get it before it disappears!  I know this one will go fast!

Moisturize – My skin is combination, oily in the t-zone area.  So, I’m always trying new moisturizer because some leave me too oily and some leave me too dry.  The closest I’ve found to perfect is Lush’s Cosmetic Lad, but I know it’ll be too heavy in the summer with the humidity.  Currently, I’m testing out a sample of Kiehl’s moisturizer.  I really like it, and think I’ll buy a small bottle to continue using it for a while longer.  I also use this CeraVe lotion, on my face and all over.  It makes everything silky soft after using it a few days.  

Protect – I think that protecting your skin every single day is one of the best ways to combat the aging process.  My mom has melasma, and I have already started to see it start peeking its way onto my skin.  So, I protect my skin each and every day with a combination of these two products.  I use this CC Cream as a light base under my make-up.  And, if I’m going out without any make-up, I always slather on CervaVe sunscreen on before doing anything else.
Hope you have a fabulous day, and feel free to share your skin care tips with everyone below.

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  1. I love all of these products. I have tried most of them. I use to buy a separate eye makeup remover but found that coconut oil (the one from my kitchen)works great! Just scoop a little out and keep in a small jar in the bathroom. It even removes water proof mascara!! You should try it:) Wendy O.


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