Thursday, March 9, 2017

Life Lately

We are creeping in on the weekend!  I can't believe how fast this week went by.  

This past week was so crazy with the weather.  It was seriously frigid and then Wednesday we were in the 60's.  I certainly will take the warmer sunshine any day.  

Let's take a little look at our life lately.

Evan's school held a spaghetti supper Friday night at the church.  It was so much fun.   The boys even got to make their own ice cream sundaes at the end.  I never even got a picture of Evan because he was off running around with all his friends.  

Saturday morning we decided to head north and stay up in New Hampshire for the weekend.  We stopped at Kittery Trading Post in Maine on the way.  The kids had a lot of fun trying on fun hats and eating tastey treats in the carriage while we did a little shopping.

It took a bit of convincing that these animals weren't real... 

It was so cold this weekend.  It was around -16 at night.  We went to dinner at the Rusty Moose downtown and I got the biggest cheeseburger.  Again, no pictures.  Boo.

Sunday morning consisted of play dough and chocolate milk. 

The boys loving coming to the mountain... our plans were to go snowmobiling but since it was just so cold we decided to hit up the boat show in Portland Maine.

Evan and Ryan picked out their jet ski's for summer.  Because duh! you need jet ski's if you live on the lake.

We went to eat at a local pub nearby.  We got wings.  They were delicious.  The boys colored!

We got in Sunday night.  Unpacked.  I did a little housework, put some clothes in the laundry.  We gave the kids a bath, had dinner and right before bed Evan tells me that his throat really hurts.  So naturally, I figure it must just be those monday morning blues- and going to school but he started to complain more and more.  I took a look down his throat and his tonsils were swollen, so sure enough a quick trip to the doctor's Monday morning... 

His rapid strep test came back negative.  Thankfully!  Although we are still waiting on the culture to come back but he hasn't been complaining of anything so that is great.

Tuesday morning Evan joined the no cavity club!  And Ry turned into an alligator. 

Also, if you haven't heard.. Stonyfield has some exciting news.  I wrote about it HERE.  & if you are looking for a new tea to add to your collection- try this pukka tea.  So delicious, just add honey.

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