Thursday, March 23, 2017

Life Lately

We are flying through this week guys!  I mean, hey- It is Thursday already.  We have a super filled day today.  

I have been busy packing for Florida and doing laundry.  

Let me show you a little of our life lately.

Holy wow- this hurt so much.  This is right after it happened.  It is looking way worse now.  I was putting wood in the stove and my hand slipped.  I ran it under cold water for a good 3 minutes and I think that is what semi saved me.  It still hurts when I submerge it in hot water but at least that major pain is gone.

We had a pizza party with friends and these three jumped and jumped and then passed out.

I've been using this in my smoothies this week.  It gives just the right amount of beet flavor without being over powering.  I love it.  My kids can't stand it so I sneak it in... no one knows nothing.

& here you have it... so delicious.  

I was going through my phone and noticed I had a lot of pictures of toys.... 

And a few selfies !!! :)

This little munchkin had me out there pulling him in circles... It was so cold!  

I am not much of a first thing in the morning breakfast person... but I tend to get hungry for a meal around 10:30.  On this day I cooked up some spinach and used leftover squash I had from dinner.. scrambled up some eggs I just picked out of the coop and here you have a tasty little brunch.   

I took the kids to Dairy Queen for an ice cream.  I needed to kill a half an hour.  Apparently it was free cone day.. you would think that the man working there would offer me a cone but he didn't.  I left there not even realizing it was free cone day until I drove away and saw a sign.  Probably better that I didn't eat one ha.

Nana bought snuggies.  Evan has been asking for a shark snuggie for so long.  Evan has the shark and Ryan has the dolphin.

We have been loving our juicer.... we are always stocking up on grapefruit and blood oranges!  Seriously, if you are in the market for a juicer, THIS one is the best.  It is so easy to use and clean.

There you have it friends.  A little look at our life lately and what is going on...  Thanks for checking in, stay tuned for Friday Favorites!

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