Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Best Products to Control Hair Fuzz

Hi Guys!  Happy Wednesday :)

I wanted to share with you a few products that I use regularly to help control my frizz.  

Strangely, before I got pregnant with Evan I had very fine thin hair that was perfectly straight.  So during my pregnancy the back of my hair started to get wavy and the further along I got the curlier it got.  I just wore it up all the time and never tried to style it.  

After Ev was born my hair never went back.  In fact, when I was pregnant with Ryan it got worse.  So basically what I deal with every day is a disaster.  If I just let it air dry after a shower it is really curly... but not nice curls.  Mostly frizz and it is really tangly.  

I don't style my hair often but when I do I rely on these products.  Most days my hair is up in a twisted bun or pony.  I probably blow dry my hair less than a dozen times a year and I most likely I am using all the wrong products, but they work for me - so I'm sharing.

I use this oil a lot.  I have used it after blow drying but mostly after I let my hair air dry in the morning I will use it.  It brings a lot of shine to your hair and provides a lot of nutrients through the essential oils.  All of which my hair needs as it is so dry.  This also helps reduce split ends and breakage which as a blonde I am very prone to.

I am still learning about the love of dry shampoo but I do love to use it to bring texture.  I don't really go a while between washing.  I like to wash every day and if I don't care to wash my hair it is because I am staying home and don't care what it looks like... so hence why waste time with dry shampoo.    But I do love this brand.  It smells amazing.  

On the occasion I do blow dry my hair I use this.  It helps protect your strands from the heat of the dryer.  It smells amazing.  

This detangler is awesome.  I also use it on my kids.   I find it works best after you spray it and let it sit for a bit, then brush it out.  I have the hardest water.  We have a well and because of that my hair is super tangly.  It is such an effort to comb it out.  After having kids I have a ton more hair but it is really fine and tangles easily.  I love this stuff.  It works amazingly well.

This is something I use on my hair whether I am styling it or just pulling it up in a pony.  Not only does it smell great but it helps protect your hair.  It is a nourishing leave in treatment that will add shine and smoothness.  

This bottle has lasted me a while.   I will use this after I use a hair curler.  Typically what I do is let my hair air dry, brush it out, curl it with a 1.5" barrel and then brush it out adding a few spritz' of this stuff at the roots.  It is a bit expensive and I think you could get the same result with a dry shampoo but for some reason this gives me a little bit more of a texturized style which I like.  Even though I have a lot of hair, sometimes at the root it isn't thick enough so I use this and the elastic works better in my hair.  It grabs better, if that makes sense. 

Lastly, is this thickening spray.  Even though I have a lot of hair I like it to have a more of a full feeling... so I use this spray.   It helps when I spray it before pulling it up in a top knot or bun.  I think it makes the hair stay easier with the hair tie.  

So there you have it.   #momhair

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