Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

Hi!  I feel like its been a while since I did one of these posts.   The last Wednesday of the month I link up with The Larson Lingo, Mix and Match Mama and Sheaffer Told Me To to answer these questions.

In our What's Up Wednesday post- so lets take a look.

What we're eating this week...

I recently went off my IP diet.  If you are interested in what I eat when I am on this you can see my post HERE.  It is just really hard to be on the IP diet when I am going through fertility treatments since all the meds cause weight gains and bloating so I got off but after this is all over, depending on the outcome I'll pick it back up.

I've been adding these into our meals this week.  They are delish and sometimes I use a little butternut squash sauce and the kids love this.

I made a sweet kale salad with grilled chicken.  I added carrots, green apples, cucumber, cilantro, avo and a little pancetta.  It was so yum!  The kids loved it and I added a little greek yogurt dressing I made earlier in the week.  So yummy with the pancetta.  It adds a little extra crisp.

What I'm reminiscing about...

We are gearing up for another fun Easter around these parts.  The boys are so excited to get out our decorations and they are looking forward to seeing that cute bunny.  I remember these pictures like they were yesterday.  I swear Evan was 8months old just the other day.  Why does it go so fast... yet at 2am when they are up wide awake, the clock moves so slow.

What I'm loving...

I bought this cookbook at Anthropologie over the summer and I have been making a lot of new recipes.  It is such a good read and the pictures are amazing.  If you can't find it anymore at Anthro I know that amazon carries it.

What we've been up to...

This guy has been taking ski lessons.  He did amazing his first day.  I was so proud of him.  I had one smiling and laughing the entire day and the other guy crying because all he wanted to do was ski like his brother.  Soon bud, so soon.

What I'm dreading...

You IVF ladies know what I mean... The dreaded two week wait.  After our upcoming transfer I need to wait two weeks to see if it worked.  That is torture.  I heard this book is really great, I should give it a go.  Hopefully it will pass the time and keep my mind focused on something else.

What I'm working on...

I am creating more content for the blog and also pinning away like crazy as we start to get ready for spring renovations up north.

What I'm excited about...

Ahh, so excited for spring and our trip down south.  I booked a trip for me and the kids to go see family and friends the last two weeks of Matt's next hitch in Korea.  I hope that we leave Massachusetts with frigid cold temps and gray skies... and come back to spring with green grass and chirping birds.  

What I'm watching/reading...

I am reading The Twilight Wife.  I am struggling a bit bc I am not totally in love with it yet but I want to figure out the truth behind her story so I am still going strong.  Also, I am super excited for this show to start back up again next week.

I loved the first season.  It took almost an entire year to come back to TV but I am excited.  I can't wait to find out what happens.

What I'm listening to...

Ever since Mix and Match Mama mentioned she listens to the french cooking channel throughout her home.... I started and I became addicted.  I play it in my kitchen through Alexa... and every morning I turn it on and it carries me through the day.  I also added the italian channel which I totally love as well.  She is playing now.

What I'm wearing...
yes to carrots sheet mask (soothe)

alba botanica

neutrogena acne light therapy mask

acure brightening scrub

glow mask

I know you ladies expected to see some threads but nope.  These are the masks that have been on rotation.  I have been wearing one a night and I have to say I am noticing huge improvements in my skin.  Not only am I using a mask or some sort of funky pink device but I also am using serums and creams/lotions as part of my daily routine as well.  I also love a good ol' biore pore strip. 

What I'm doing this weekend...

Daddy is coming home this weekend after a long 6 weeks.  Oh man, it has been a rough go.  We got nailed with snow, hit with a weeks worth of stomach bug garbage, and I started my 4th IVF cycle.  Lots of needles, blood work, ultrasounds -the works.  So I am super excited to get back into a relaxing mode and enjoy the two weeks we have together before he is gone again.  Jeesh - time flies.  

What I'm looking forward to next month...

Lounging and relaxing in these cabanas.  OK, so I won't be lounging and it will hardly be relaxing.  I am a mom.  Of two boys.  At a beach.  But the last time I was here I was pregnant, lounging and relaxing.  That is how I remember it.  I just can't wait to go back and feel that warm sun and share this experience with my boys.

What else is new...
I can't think of anything else.  I am pretty much doing the same ol' same ol' !! 

What is the one beauty product I can't live without?

That is a tough one.  
I can't pick just one but I suppose if I must I would probably say moisturizer.  I can't live without something covering my face.   Right now I am using a medical grade made by my esthetician.  If you are local to Boston area you can get it.  It is calming fluid and works amazing.

Hope to see you tomorrow, thanks for stopping in.


  1. Thanks Loren for posting your food. By the looks of it I need to up my vegetable game. I do love them, I just don't fixed them like I should. I enjoyed your post about your mountain home. It looks beautiful there. I love to read people's blogs, I don't blog myself but I find out about some many different things to try and I feel like a blogger will give their honest opinion about a product. Thanks again for you blog it helps fill in the gaps when I am slow at work Just a wife and mom of 2, one in college and one out of college. I am probably old enough to be your mom:)Wendy O.

  2. You are so welcome. That meal plan is when I do the Ideal Protein diet.. I don't eat like that normally. If you want me to do a new post of What I eat in a day (normal) I can. When Matt is home I tend to eat a bit different as well just because I am cooking more. I am so glad you follow along. I love hearing feedback from my readers. I am 36 and you can't be my mom... bc she doesn't even know what a blog is! :) ha


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