Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekend Recap

Hi Monday- wow.  That was fast.  I feel like I just wrote a weekend recap.  I guess that is what happens when you spend four days in bed with the stomach bug.  

I am so thankful that is behind me.  I feel like a new person.  Any mama's out there that are on your own, and your feeling that stomach bug.  I pray for you.

however, I have to say my kids are pretty good at fending for themselves.  Thank goodness for drinkable yogurt #thankyoustonyfield and squeezable hershey syrup.  You saved me.

First Evan got punched in the face, then was used as a foot rest, and then as a washboard for Ryan's boogers.

So let me jump into my little weekend.  We were very cautious about not spreading germs to our friends and family so we didn't do much.  I did have to run out and grab a few things but other than that, we were pretty boring.  I swear, I say boring and Ryan says "I'll show you, and runs into a wall"

He took that fat lip like a champ.

If your kids are stir crazy from being cooped up, take them to Wegmans on a Saturday before the Patriots play in the Super Bowl said NO ONE EVER.  

Evan is pretty good at convincing me to use my cell phone to take selfies.

After surviving our grocery run with the essentials the kids and I picked up some medicine for Shibley at the vet and came home for a quick ride around the yard from Deez.

I swear, they are the bestest of friends... and then two seconds later one is punching the other.

and then they are hugging again.... #brothers

This was our Sunday.  No church, no events, just trains.

Lots of trains.

Mid day I needed a little boost so I made this drink with my new nutri bullet.  Love this thing!

It was delicious and the kids love it!

Later in the day I snuck off to do a little self care.  Biore pore strip and a bubble bath.

I got Ryan to bed and Evan and I watched the Super Bowl.  He watched what he could before bed and I switched between the game and this book.  I heard it was a good one, anyone reading?  

That was my weekend.  Pretty boring and uneventful but I am happy that we are all healthy and ready for this new week ahead.  

& how about those Patriots!!!!!  I love my team.  So proud of them and so happy I can experience this now with my boys.  How awesome!  

See you tomorrow.

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