Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday Talk

Morning Tuesday!  I am exhausted.  I am so over this week.  I am so ready for Daddy to get home.  

Ashley and Erika started a link up called Tuesday Talk where you can literally join in and talk about anything.  Last month I talked about my infertility struggles. 

It was a very personal link up for me.  I never shared that type of information on the blog before but I have to say, after having opened up about it a lot of you wrote and thanked me for being so open about my struggle and shared that you were going through it also.  I am so glad to have helped at least one person.  I hope to inspire many more along this fertility journey.

Now on to something else.

Can we chat about decor?!?!  Farm life & Mountain Living!! :)

We are buying a log cabin up on a mountain of New Hampshire.  We already have land up there and since my husbands dream is becoming a farmer and being one with the land.... I have resorted to looking on Houzz for home decor.  

My husband and I are long lovers of New Hampshire and the mountains.  We got married on top of a mountain, we took a honeymoon to Colorado for two weeks of mountain climbing and now we are building / renovating our "hopefully" dream home.

A little back story!  We have 35 acres up north and Matt worked so hard at clearing the land.  Our plan was to build this amazing timber frame dream home.  Fast forward a little bit and here I am pregnant and not so sure I want to live in the middle of no where.  So we stuck it out here in Mass for a few more years.  I thought since Matt is away at work so much maybe I should stay local with family while I - you know, have a baby and become a mother. 

Fast forward 4 years and we got this parenting thing down... We are ready to move and we couldn't be more excited.   

We just love the lake, we love the mountains and we love the solitude.  Instead of building we decided to buy a home and renovate it.  So here she is... mountain life is so amazing.  

We will start renovating this spring.  Our plan is to completely refinish the interior.  Sand the walls, replace the floors, paint, refinish the bathrooms and completely gut the kitchen. 

This is where we want to raise a family. 

We have so much work to do but yet we are so excited.  We will probably start with the exterior.  It only makes sense to work on the outside while it is nice out and save the inside work for those winter months. 

Our hopeful plan is to work on this while we live in Massachusetts.  Hopefully by the start of school next year we will be all settled in our new home.  I can't say anything for certain since our plans are always changing but as of now, this is our plan.   


We love the lake life.  We love taking our boat out early morning for a sunrise and hot coffee.

The boys love fishing.

We love taking the boat across the lake for lunch or ice cream.  

We are just super excited to see what this mountain life has in store for us.  Who knows if this will be our forever place.  The place where we grow old and where our grandkids come back to visit... but what we do know is that we are super excited to start this venture.

I hope that you follow along and check out my Pinterest to see what I have in store for our renovations.  Thanks for stopping in.  I'll see you tomorrow with my What's Up Wednesday post... and after tomorrow we will be in official countdown mode.

See ya.

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