Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My Tuesday Rituals

When I wake up on Tuesday I feel so motivated... I know I have my rituals to do and somehow I find that exciting.  My husband will always say "I can tell the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow". 

So first let me put it out there that we have a house cleaner.  She comes once a week on Wednesday.  She has been with us for EVER.  I am thinking maybe 6 years now.. She was here before I was pregnant with Evan that I know for sure.  So every Wednesday she comes and does a deep clean.

I still bust my butt every day and clean everything because I just like my home immaculate.  Some call me crazy, my husband certainly does.  It just is part of who I am and if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.  

So these are the things that I do on Tuesday!  Every single week.

In no apparent order, just some of what gets done on my Tuesday.

I go through our mail.  I usually only get the mail once a week unless I am waiting on something or just want to take a trip to the mail box.  We don't really have any bills and the few that we do are automatically deducted from our account so most of what we get is junk and magazines.  

We do occasionally get bills magazine subscription renewals, doctor visit bills, registry/town bills etc.

So this week I had a few to pay online - logged in and took care of it all.  Filed everything else away in our filing cabinet.

The bills I can't pay online I send out through the mail.

The magazines we are keeping I put back in our hanging mail box. I found this mail organizer at Home Goods several years ago.  It is meant for on top of a desk but I asked Matt to hang it so everything is off the counter and easily accessible. 

I clear my calendar weekly as well.  I try and hang everything Evan makes for a week.  After a week I put some in a file but some of it isn't worth saving so I toss it.

We have a lot of devices that need charging.  Some of them I need to recharge before Tuesday like Evan's iPad but some electronics I can stretch a week.

We charge up Evan's v-tech watch, my bose speaker, & the kindle.

Plus the boys have walkie talkies that need a good charge and a few helicopters and electric cars.

I also charge my clarisonic and toothbrush.  I really only need to do that once a week.  One good charge will last all week for me.  In the summer we charge a lot of the outdoor toys several times a week.  In the winter months we can get away with once a week.

Also - Tigers home gets a good cleaning.  I take out all his rocks, wash his tank, scrub everything clean and use bottled water to fill him up again.

We have a play kitchen that has a TON of wooden food.  Most of the food is velcro (so you can practice cutting) so I spend a few minutes going through the food, sticking them together, organizing the dishes, pots and pans and tucking everything back.

It literally takes them 5 minutes to make a disaster again but it does give them a fresh start once a week w/ all the food put together.

I take a chlorox wipe and do a quick wipe down.  Our cleaner doesn't clean the food or inside the play fridge / oven.

The food looks so nice when it is all put together.

Boys have a TON of little "guys" and all the guys have little "guns" and "swords" and seriously... my boys will come to me 938,405 times a day asking where parts are.  I think I looked for Miles' blast board for 45 minutes.

Once a week I go through all the bins and find all the guys and their equipment.  I look for all the little cars and trucks and dirt bikes.  I separate them into these awesome stackable bins from Amazon. 

We stack them up and clip them together and they are kept in the closet.  We take out this bin once a day to grab stuff to play with.

Oh look, there is the blast board :) 

These are a few that I found in the baskets around the house... back in the bin they go.

I buy dog food once a week and refill the bin.  

Ahhhhh and the fridge purge.  My husband hates this one.  I love it for so many reasons.  1. I love a clean fridge 2. I don't like leftovers.


I take everything out of the fridge and wipe it down.  I know this seems like a lot of work to do on weekly basis but I have done it for so long that it doesn't take long at all.

Oh and ps.  I am loving these juices.  You will find them on Friday Favorites! :)

Now- see the difference w/ the before/after.  There really hasn't been much tossed and look at all the room I have... I just rearranged a little, condensed and consolidated. 

I do this so often and I still find something to toss that has expired.  I also like to consolidate condiments to save space.  I don't like having a crowded fridge.

When Matt is home we usually have beer and that takes up quite a bit of space.

Here are the consolidated leftovers.  The salad I made for lunch and the chicken soup we had for dinner the other night.  I always use glass containers so I can reheat in the microwave if I had to.

We have a shoe bin near our front door that holds several different pairs of shoes throughout the week.  I take this bin upstairs once a week and unload all the pairs and put them away.  The kids boots go in their closet along with cleats and shin pads.  

I usually have a few pairs of shoes down here myself.   I only keep one pair of shoes per person in this bin.  Anything that makes its way down through the week, whelp let's just say some weeks the bin is pretty full.

Also, I make sure every single dish is washed.  That means dishes like crystal bowls, or decorative vases. 

Another strange thing I do on Tuesday is I give myself a little beauty makeover.  
I give myself a mini facial.

I really love my PMD.

I give myself an exfoliation type facial and this particular day used this cleansing gel.  It smells amazing.

I use my purple shampoo once a week.  I do this on the day before my shower gets a massive scrub down.  Do you see what I am working with??  

Most people don't realize I have curly hair but I do which makes taking care of it so annoying.  I just need to stay on top of the color and with well water my hair can really pull gold.  I love my purple shampoo.

I give myself a really good shave down.  Gross and personal I know but it is what it is.  I shave it all and I don't mind being not so careful when I know my shower is going to get the works. 

I have even started shaving my face (yes, I know-crazy) but I am loving it and wish I did it sooner.  I use the regular ole razor but they sell these really cute women face razors on amazon.

Like dishes I try and get every single thing washed in the house.  If there is a dirty pillow cover on the couch I take it off and wash it.  I wash the towels hanging in the bathroom that are "just for show" and I make sure that the boys pottery barn kids towels have a bath as well.

After a long day of going through bins, looking under the couch and fishing between the couch cushions I find a handful of stuff.  Most of this stuff is old, broken or missing their other toy parts so in the trash they go.  I sometimes try and do this before my kids see them because they will beg me to keep them even though they are broken etc. 

So there you have it.  My Tuesday rituals.  I know this seems overwhelming and a lot of work but honestly I don't even think twice about it.  I go through these steps so quickly.  I like to get these things done on Tuesday because sometimes during these "missions" I make a mess doing them so it sort of makes me feel good that I will have a little help the next morning.  

Do you have any crazy cleaning tips or once a week deals you can share? I am always looking to add to my long list of productivity.  

Have a great day, see ya'll tomorrow.

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