Thursday, February 16, 2017

Life Lately

Hey Thursday!  

Things have been behind a little bit over here because a lot has been put on hold with all the recent snow storms.  Evan practically was out a week of school and mama needed some much needed Target time.  

Hi, my name is Loren and yes I bribe my kids with gum.

Most of the time the boys trick me into getting that big cart where the kids have their individual seats.  They promise to stay in the seats the entire time.  I stopped falling for it.  They end up getting out and walking and I am stuck trying to squeeze into the isles with this giant monstrosity.  So now I make them squish in the small carriage. 

They eventually convince me to get out and play with the toys.  

I love a good target trip.

This past weekend the boys went up to Nana's house to make some Valentine treats.  Evan made a few for his teachers and Ryan just made them to eat the m&m's.

Evan was super excited to give them to his teacher.  Since we ended up delaying the party a couple days we had them in the kitchen for a bit longer than expected.  So naturally I ate one.  OK, maybe two.

This cold dull weather has been draining my skin of luster so I broke out a favorite of mine.  This pineapple enzyme smells amazing and works awesome.  I love this and I am almost out of it.

The boys woke up super excited Valentines morning for chocolate. 

Evan even surprised me with a special Valentine he made all by himself.

He said he even gave me eyebrows.  How sweet!

How cute is Evan!!!  He was so excited over his surprise.  He finally understood what Valentine's Day was all about.

Later that afternoon he signed all his valentines for his classmates.  I was super impressed.  He signed his name and was so exited and proud of himself.  

We made 16 of these little guys. 

Late Valentine's night I got a special surprise delivery.  Mama got a nice surprise.  What a great day to end a special Valentine's.

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