Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Favorites

Good Morning!  So excited to say that this is my (almost) last weekend solo parenting.  Matt comes home next weekend and I am so excited.  

Every Friday I link up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea to bring you my favorites of the week.  

I have a lot, so get ready.


I made guacamole for the Super Bowl and we used these chips.  They were so good and I felt like we were eating something healthy.  However Evan said that they tasted like wood and dirt but Ryan loved them.  I thought they were a great substitute.  The only downfall is that they are super expensive and you don't get a lot.  But if you are needing a chip to dip these are your choice.


A few weeks ago I went into Sephora to try on a few products and I got a sample of the Murad intensive-c radiance peel.  I first saw it on Shay's blog and wanted to give it a go.  I loved it.  I got about 3 uses out of this little sample.  I eventually went back to buy my own bottle.  I love that the cream is thick and isn't watery or thin.  Sephora is awesome about letting you try products so I say get yourself a sample.


I love hydrangeas.  I think they brighten up my kitchen.  I am over winter.  I need sun and warmth and green grass.  Having fresh flowers in the kitchen gives me all the feels of spring. 


I told you guys that I recently bought a nutri-bullet.   For those times when I want to make a smoothie  but don't feel like busting out a giant vitamix just for me.  Well, I have been adding this to some of the smoothies and it is delicious.  It is less fat than normal peanut butter.  You can buy it at your local grocery.  I got mine at Target.  It lasts for quite a while. 


After my second miscarriage my skin went crazy.  I had so many breakouts.  They weren't just normal pimples they were leaving really bad red marks and staining my skin.  They were everywhere with no rhyme or reason.  So basically since Christmas my skin has been terrible and I couldn't get it under control.  I rearranged some products in my lineup and started using this Neutrogena light therapy acne mask and folks!  it really does work.  It was like $40 and you can get 30 sessions out of each stick.  I am not usually a person that think these gimmick products work but it does.  My skin has been responding to this therapy mask.  It is only 10 minutes and I use it at night before bed.  If you are struggling like me I highly recommend giving it a try.


I love vanilla.  I love tea. So imagine how excited when I saw vanilla tea.  I picked this bottle up to have with my after dinner snack.  I love the flavor.  They also have a mint flavor that I am excited to try.


You either like coconut or you don't.  My husband says he likes coconut alcoholic drinks but that is it.. so when I bought these he thought they were gross but I thought they were delicious.  They are the perfect snack.  Fruit and nut!  So easy to throw in your bag and go.  My kids love them as well.


Strolling through the clearance section of target and look what I see.  How cute right.  They were $12
They have the perfect heal height.   

Phew!  that is it for the week.  

I hope you have a great weekend, I'll see you Monday.


  1. Those boots are so cute! Great find at an amazing price - Target is my happy place :)

  2. How cute are those boots?! Great find, even better price - Target is my happy place :)

  3. I love all these favorites!!! I need to try that mask!!!

  4. Oh my gosh totally jealous of that clearance find at Target! Lara bars are a favorite in our house - esp since I had to go soy and dairy free. I love when they are on sale at Target for $5! Have a great weekend!

    1. I saw them at Target this week. Check your local store, maybe you can find some.

  5. My skin has been absolutely awful lately. I went to the dermatologist this week but maybe I need to try that light too. The doctor gave me a few medicines and put them in a little bag for me and the bag was an ad for Clean and Clear and said "Have great skin before school starts!" I was thinking, school? I'm 28. Why is this happening? Ugh but anyway I might try that light!

    Those hydrangeas are so pretty! Definitely have me wishing for springtime!

    1. I am 36 and have been feeling like that as well. Whyyyyy?!?!? I thought I was over acne. I am telling you that the mask has been a huge help. I hope you try it and like it. Also look into Rodan and Fields. The unblemish line. I love that for battling breakouts. I swear by it.

  6. LOVE peanut butter powder, we like the one at Sam's Club too! I also love Larabars and love to make my own mostly so I can use all the nuts I love + dark chocolate and coconut <3 Cute little flower vase, too! ~Traci

    1. I def. should try making my own more often!


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