Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Workin' It Wednesday

A New Year... brings a New Link up....  WoooHooo!  The second Wednesday of every month I will be linking up with Shay from Mix and Match Mama and Erika from A Little Bit of Everything to tell you how us ladies are Workin' IT! through life.  This month we are discussing how we are working towards keeping our New Year's goals and let me tell you, it is always a struggle for me.  

I can distinctively remember a moment in time where I didn't really make any hard core resolutions and I was easily able to stick to them.  For instance, one year I made the resolution to always put my shopping cart back in those little corals. See, that is an easy one.  Especially if you go out of your way to park near one.

As I got older, I started making more serious resolutions and created reachable goals for myself.  This year is no different... 

I am sharing my personal goals with you and these goals are hopefully going to carry me through the year.  If you have been following a long time, you probably know that I make hitch goals and yes those are sometimes similar and overlap--- but these goals are a bit different, more personal and hopefully ones that I can stick to.

The list is long (as it usually is) but all of these things were listed and ready to go for the start of the new year... and I always feel so good about working hard to try and obtain these goals.  Day by day... and its ok if you start to fail a bit, just pick it back up.. every day done, counts one day closer to being a better you.

Drink more water

Yes, this is the obvious no brainer.  I think I have this on my list every year, and every hitch.  It is one of the easiest goals... probably a free no cost goal, but wow oh wow, some days this goal goes to the grave.. but I am working on it.  I am trying!  and darn, does it feel good.

No Rushing

OK OK OK, I know that it has only been two days and we haven't had any reason to be out of the house on time for anything this school vacation week but I swear... I am going to put my foot down on this one.  I hate rushing and I hate running around and every dang day I am doing it... and NOPE!  I need to stop.  It isn't a good look on me.

Get ready earlier

Part of not rushing is to wake up and get ready for the day earlier... most of the time I lounge around in my pj's, and so do the kids.. hence the rushing part... but now, I need to be better about planning our outfits and what we are bringing for the day so that I am not rushing... 

Wake up earlier

HA, I wake up early most of the time anyways but the days I don't... are the days I rush.... so this ties in with not rushing and getting ready earlier... all of this stems from waking up earlier... and the alarm is set for 2017!

Eat healthier

I think we all say this... and yes, most of us start off strong and fade into the year and yes I know there are those strange rare breads that are just perfect all of the time but folks, that is not me.  I indulge often and with Matt's schedule it is hard at times to stay consistent but like every fit and healthy person will tell you... its not a diet- its a life style!  am I right, or am I right.  Bam- here I come new lifestyle.

Meal plan better

With eating healthier... comes better meal planning.  Obviously.  So therefor I am going to take advantage of groceries that deliver.  I think that will help eliminate part of my problem.  

Brush teeth more

I know this sounds gross but I am being honest.  Some days I will go up to bed with a snack or a tea and I will watch tv in bed or work on my blog and fall asleep, roll over with an unbrushed mouth and if that is never you... well than you are better than me.. and Yah, there are days where I run out the door- coffee in hand bc I am late, rushing and all over the place and halfway through my day I say the four letter S word to myself and realize I didn't brush my teeth before I left... so Yah... there- I said it. I am that mom that probably was late for pre-school drop off, coffee in hand with an unbrushed mouth.  

Regular bedtimes

UGH- some times this is so hard.  It is like I finally sit down at the end of the day, kiddos are in bed and there are nights where Matt and I said, yah lets rent a movie, lets watch netflix... and then there you have it... its 10:30 and I am exhausted and looking at the alarm like there is no way I can get up at 5 and then I sleep in and there goes the waking up earlier, the no rushing, getting ready earlier, so now I'm late and didn't brush my teeth kind of day.. resolution - regular bed time is born. 

Exercise more

Duh- I am not 25 anymore and this body doesn't just naturally get healthy over night..  I want to be fit. I want to feel strong.. 

Outdoor activities - Little hikes

So, naturally the one thing that can help with that is outdoor activities...I want to be outside w/ the kids as often as possible.  I want to explore with them and give them the childhood that I had... We were always outside.  From morning until night.  I want to go on little hikes and overnight camp outs.  

Read more books

I joined a book club.  That is as far as I got with reading really.  Yes, I read celebrity self help books and religiously read Kristin Cavallari's balancing in heels book for inspiration but I want to really get involved with reading.  I want to take advantage of my library and read more to the kiddos.

Stress less

Don't we all wish to stress less... I swear I say this on the daily but yea, I need to let things go.. I need to focus on what is important and if the dishes don't get done before bed and the kids make a mess painting... well, I will try and let it go and realize that the important part is that I have little kiddos to paint with and a home to care for... and that should be the gentle reminder we all take with us.

Purge more

 I do this a lot but usually... I just organize most of the "stuff" which leads me to my next goal.

Rid clutter

My organized stuff is just stuff and I need to learn to live with less.  I need to clear the organized chaos.  I need to make the big closet purge... bringing me down to the next goal.

Simplify closet/wardrobe

In order for me to get ready earlier I need to be able to easily pick an outfit for the day and in order to do that, I need to be able to see what I have and right now, I have stuff so buried in my closet I don't know what is what.  I want to simplify my wardrobe and pick the basics.  I want the must haves and can't live withouts... and all the excess needs to go.

Sunday dinners

I remember growing up, Sunday was family day.  We had an early dinner.   My mom always made the best meals... football was usually on and we hung out all day together and I want my kids to remember that same thing.  Now, we do usually have a Sunday dinner but I want it to be bigger and more memorable.  I want my kids to even come back when their grown to have big Sunday dinners... I need to create that foundation now.

Regular facials

I just had my facial last week and I always leave there feeling so great and my skin looking so awesome.  I need to make this a regular and commit to making the time.  I am not getting any younger.  I need to take care of the skin I am in.

Take more vitamins

As most of you know or may not know I am battling infertility and it sucks.  I need to get on the vitamin train and not just take pre-natals (like when you are expecting)  I have been doing a ton of research and will certainly be adding a lot of the listed above to my lifestyle.

So there you have it friends.  It is long but it is going to be great.  I am excited to see what ya'll are going to be doing this year and look forward to being inspired by you.  Good Luck to you all and Happy New Year.


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