Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekend Recap

Good Morning Monday!

I have to say, I am quite glad to see this week.  I have a lot of great plans to get some stuff done and Monday is always a motivation for me.  I hope you had a great weekend.  I will share with you a little about how my weekend all went down.

Friday I picked Evan up at school.  Since he doesn't have quite a full day on Friday I asked him if he would like to go out for lunch and it was his pick.

Friends- he picked sushi.  Now, here is a little fun fact about me.  I don't like fish.  I don't like it one little bit, I don't like the smell of it, and I rarely cook it.  I will certainly cook it for Matt if he wants it, or if he catches fish but it just isn't my thing.  However- I want my kids to love fish.  I don't want them to ever know that I can't stand it and therefor need to hide all my gagging type reflexes when I smell something horrible.  I know- I know.  It is really good for you and it is so healthy and let me tell you.  I wish I loved fish and I tried and tried to get my act together for so many reasons.  One for health, two for my husband, and three Hello- I live in New England.  My husband traps lobster and goes deep sea fishing for shark and tuna and I just can't bring myself to want to eat it.  

So let's get back to sushi.  So of course I thought yes I will take you.  However, I can't go and order a whole bunch of sushi to try bc I do think Evan wouldn't like it just yet and I didn't want to waste it or let him see that I don't like it so we ended up going with peanut butter and jelly sushi.  

Deep down I really knew he just wanted to go to the fun sushi place at the mall where the food comes by on a conveyor and you pick off what you want.  As any four year old would love so of course I thought this would be a good first start.  

See the sushi in the back?  it just goes by and you grab and eat what you want and pay by the colored plate.  The excitement of the lunch was picking off your food so I have to say, it was a win win.

Remember how I told you I hate fish.  I ordered miso soup because I thought well, I am on the diet so I'll just have a little broth... something I can have on the diet.

I was eating it (I ate half of it) before I stopped the waiter and said, "excuse me, what exactly is miso soup" 

He replies with "oh we just boil down the fish heads, fish scales and bones, add in the tofu and chives"

I went white and told him to stop talking and take the bowl.

Why OH WHY did I think miso soup was beef broth?!?!?!?!?!??!

I threw up in my mouth and that waiter was oh so lucky I didn't let it go all over the restaurant.  He laughed and felt bad and of course took it off my bill which I said no, that wasn't necessary.  

I really thought it was beef broth.


I ordered peanut butter and jelly to after that.  WOW.  However, the boys totally loved this experience and I am so glad I took them.  We will certainly be going back and what a good bribing tool to get them to behave at the mall so mama can do a little shopping.

Side note: ryan said the peanut butter was gross and decided to eat the rice and veggies.  #totallymykid

We finished up lunch and headed over to the play place.

He stopped me and said "mom take my picture"

Such a big boy.  I remember taking him here when he was just toddling around.  Now he climbs up and jumps off the sides.  Typical boy.

Even this little guy can do the rock wall.  So impressed.

Per the usual-we hit up the lego store.

This was the highlight of their little trip.

Ending our perfect little date with some gelato. 

I carried both boys in from the car around supper and they were wiped out.

I carried Ry right up to his room, wiped him down, changed him and off to bed he went.

I let this little guy sleep a bit while I cleaned up and took a bath.

Saturday morning!

Ry just loves doing what the older boys do.  

Evan really loves soccer.  His friend Chase is on his team and he is always so excited to play.

After soccer we ran a few errands and then came back to the compound to stack a little wood and do some farm chores.

Both boys know how to help and it is awesome.

Saturday night we went to my friend Lauren's house (Chase's Mom) and had dinner and the boys played.  It was such a fun night.  We had pizza and salad and we brought cup cakes and Lauren's mom came by with some really delicious donuts from a speciality shop in Rhode Island. 

We had our own personal concert.  The boys were so cute.  I love these littles.  

Sunday morning we went to church and I had a meeting during worship so I wasn't downstairs with the kids during Sunday School.  They were working on decorating cookies - to make them look like the world.  Evan was supposed to make one for his mom but told the entire class his mom was on a diet. All the teachers including myself had a good laugh.

Here is the cookie bag.

And look how cute the cookie is.  
As you can imagine - Ry was covered in frosting.

Here is Ry decoding his cookie! HAH

He just is such a goof! 

After church we came home to play a bit and start prepping for the week.  There you have it... our little weekend.  I hope you guys had a great one as well and I will see ya'll tomorrow.

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  1. Your story about the Miso Soup is too funny! Wendy O.


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