Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend Recap

Spring is in the air here in New Englands.  Or shall I say that it was today but I'm sure it will be gone tomorrow.  I can't figure out this weather.  One day it is bone chilling cold and then the next it is in the 40's so your body thinks spring.  The downfall, my kids fight me on having to wear coats outside. 

We have a frosty the snowman on the ice down our street a little and every year they place bets on when frosty will fall in... He fell in so fast.  I wonder who won the contest. 

OK, so let me get started.  Friday night happened and it was so fun.  I had one of my best gal pals and her son over for a mommy wine / child play night.  I made the standard kid's meal for the boys and we had kale salad with chicken, apple, broccoli rice, and a little new dressing I picked up.  It was a cilantro and avo yogurt dressing by Bolthouse Farms.  It was delicious.  

We were up late and then slept late.  Evan was in bed past 8.. that is unheard of.  I came down got the fire going and started some coffee..  I also probably peeled 5 clementines for Ryan.  
I made breakfast for the kiddos and then we were off to soccer.

Of course- per usual.  I was rushing.  WHY WHY WHY... I was supposed to be better.  My NY resolution - c'mon universe.

OK, so after we made it to soccer (with no time to spare) Evan had a blast meeting his team.  He did amazing and I was so excited for him.  It was such a huge positive reinforcement for him.

The rest of Saturday was a blur.  I brought the kids to Nordstrom for new sneakers.  Ryan is very naughty and loves throwing his shoes out the window.  Yes. you would think I would have learned my lesson by now.  But, we are down a few pairs of shoes b/c of no match.  The boys each got a pair of sneakers.

It was a crazy in and out trip that I have no pictures and I actually don't even know what I did for the rest of the day.

Early Sunday morning Ryan was practicing with scissors and Evan was sleeping in.

Before I knew it we were out the door for church.  Can you spot Tom Brady?  
He was so cute and we had a lot of fun during this lesson.  Everyone was loving his jersey.

We had an early Sunday dinner.  I discovered adding rosemary to my squash and it is so delicious.  I also for the first time cooked my squash on parchment paper.  I am not sure which is better but both of these combo's have changed my world.  It excites me now to eat squash.  I always liked it but now I love it.  Which if you are on the IP diet, that is a good thing.

The boys played outside while I folded laundry for the rest of the day.  I had a beauty pamper session after the boys went to bed.  I am really loving these sheet masks by Yesto.  I think they really work amazing withs my skin.

I used the calming mask.

That is our weekend.  It was not very eventful and I did not take a lot of pictures.  I guess the weekend just flew by.  We are getting a ton of rain today and strangely on days like today I get very motivated to clean.  Which to some of you might not surprise you.  Thanks for checking in and one more thing.


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