Thursday, January 19, 2017

Life Lately

Hi!  Happy Thursday.  Happy almost weekend. 

I have a few errands to do today and some swim practice, a trip to the grocery store and today is my first day on my protein diet.  Wish me luck. 

Before we head out the door I wanted to show you a little bit about what our life has been lately.

One night before Matt left this little munchkin fell asleep in his play room watching tv.  Matt carried him up to his bed just like this and he never woke up.  

We continued on with our bathroom renovation and if you don't know now, you soon will once you start your renovations.... you will have multiple trips to Lowe's.  Sometimes multiple times a day.  Interior renovations are exhausting.  

I have been making my kids smoothies since pretty much the day they could drink from a straw and as of lately this is the flavor of choice.  It is a bit fruity but the color is green so we call this "the hulk"

I mentioned last week that Matt and I got a dehydrator from Cabela's.  It is so easy to use.  Matt made 5 lbs of beef jerky.  It came out amazing.  The boys love it.

I was laying on the couch reading one night and I was attacked by a helicopter hovering over my head.  Can you say boy mom?!?!  All I could picture was the propellors getting caught in my hair.  

I came into the kitchen last week to see this one!  He climbed up on the counter, went into the cabinet and grabbed the italian bread and was just sitting there eating it.  My kids LOVE bread... and I can see why.  

Did I mention that I got a citrus juicer?  Oh- my it is amazing.  Run to Williams Sonoma and get yourself one.  Part of the kitchen gadgets that always get me is that they are always a P A I N to clean and this ladies is SO NOT THE CASE.  It is so easy it is ridiculous and the fresh juice is WOW.  I am so glad I got this.  Matt looked at me like "oh another kitchen gadget that will get put away" but this little love has a front row spot on my kitchen counter.  Which is a huge compliment.  Only other gadget that gets that really is my coffee maker and vitamix.  I just love my press.  I think you need this in your life and I have fresh juice every morning.... YUM

Ryan sleeps in Evan's bed pretty much every night now.   It really is the cutest thing.   I think we will be getting Ryan a big boy bed very soon.  Although, I wonder.  Will it be a waste.. will he just sleep with his brother?  

Ry actually asked me to unbutton his shirt that morning.  He likes his belly to have room to breath! ha.  This kid... cracks me up.

We hit up our favorite play group this week.  Firs time in a long time.  Between vacations, holidays, and sickness' we haven't been.  The boys had so much fun.  I am so glad we were accepted into the new winter session starting this month.  It is a first come first serve registration type... and so far we have been pretty lucky.  It is probably one of the most reminded deadlines in my planner.  We can't live without our Tuesday playgroup.

For Christmas the boys got these light up remote control toy cars.  When they play with them in front of Newman he goes nuts.  He chases them around, barks at them, pounces on them.  The way he pounces you would think he is a small fluffy kitten but instead he is a HUGE 230 pound mastiff who isn't very light on his feet.  I eventually had to tell Evan we need to give Newman a break.  He was just so dang excited to play.

That is our life lately.  Thanks for stopping in.  Come back tomorrow for my Friday Fav''s!  

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