Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hitch Goals

It is that time where I share with you my hitch goals for the next 4.5 weeks.  Matt left on Monday to head back to his ship in Korea.  After his month on the ship he will be flying to Canada where he will do one week of training.  So- that leaves me with a whole lot of time.  

I know that I sound like a broken record some days but I really do need to have a reset button and these hitch goals serve as just that.  Obviously, I am a type A ha, and therefor need these types of lists and challenges in my life.  

So let me share with you what I am hoping to accomplish this month while Matt is away.

Our schedules have been so OFF.  With the holiday, school vacation, unexpected family stuff... My kids are out of their crazy and I am sort of spinning in circles.  Ladies- I took a nap.  I literally said I can not stay awake any longer and at 2pm I went upstairs and fell asleep for two hours.  TWO WHOLE HOURS.  I haven't napped since 2011 and to be honest... when I woke up I realized why I despise taking naps.  However, I feel like that crash was my bodies way of saying you need to get your life together.. get yourself on a routine and so here we are.  I am doing just that.  I have the kids getting their routine down and I am super excited to finally have some sort of regimented order in my house.  I know that my routines are a must for my kids to be happy littles so this should be an easy goal to get back into.

I know that I have shared this in the past but incase you don't know I will share again.  We are moving.  & yes we have been saying this for a long long time but it is happening.  I don't know the date but I can say it will be this year.  With moving comes purging and OH how I love a good purge.  I have great plans to get rid of a lot of stuff and going into spring I am going to be doing a big giant purge in the wardrobe department.  I will also tackle the boys clothes and simplify their wardrobe and shoes.  I would love to throw out 50% of my husbands t-shirts but I digress.

I shared yesterday my infertility battle over on A Little Bit of Everything's link up and with that infertility came on extra weight.  Weight from injectable hormones and weight of depression and self pity but those days are changing gang.  I am starting up my trusty and faithful high protein diet and I know that I have great results with this.  I am not a "dieter" but when I need to drop weight this is what I do.  I am not a doctor or health person.  I am just a girl doing what works for me.  So if you would like me to post more about my ideal protein diet comment below.  The first time I did this I lost 26 pounds of baby weight in 17 weeks and I loved it.  

This is always on the list but this month I have a list of small projects I am going to tackle for my small project series.  I have new ideas and fun exciting projects.  However, they are probably just fun for me.. but if you are crazy like I am and find joy and satisfaction in a clean, tidy home then you will want to join in on these cleaning projects.

As mentioned above, the weight gain and lack of motivation has caused the unnecessary weight and I am going to kick back up on my jazzercise classes.  I truly enjoyed it when I was going but with the IVF, the pregnancies, the miscarriages... I have taken a break from working out and put it on the back burner.  However, I am excited to get back into it.

So ladies!  There you have my hitch goals.  Hopefully I can accomplish much more than what I listed here.  I am also thinking of a trip down south in March so of course I have a two months to get this booty in gear.  

Thanks for following along...  We are waking up to a yucky ice storm.  Yay for pre-school drop off and long down jackets.  Am I wearing pajamas under here - one will never know.


  1. Would love to hear more about your High Protein Low Carb diet. Taking weight off is getting harder and harder. Love you blog! Praying for you during this time of infertility.
    Thanks, Wendy O

    1. Thank you for your kind words!!!! :)

      I will do a post on my high protein diet soon. I am going all in tomorrow :) Tomorrow will be my day 1 and I am kinda nervous HA


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