Monday, January 16, 2017

A Cozy Home with Arhaus

Now that Christmas is over and all the decorations are down I am looking into creating a cozy little space for me and my family to hunker down and enjoy the next three months of snowy winter.

We just recently had a snow storm and it was nice to be all cozy in my living room with a fire and watching the snow fall... but it got me thinking.  What can I do to my living space to increase that cozy feel?!?  

As the decorations were being packed away Molly from Arhaus reached out and asked if I would like to work with them on creating ideas for a cozy living space for this winter and of course, it fell right in line with what I was thinking of doing anyhow and thus this relationship was born...

So here we are in the living room.  I should start off by saying we are in the middle of a giant reno project.  One that never seems to end so there is some elevation of "need to finish" in almost every room but as far as the decorating portion I have already started.

I am not a person of clutter.  In fact, I am almost a completely new person when it comes to collecting stuff.  Also, part of my new year resolution (purge more, live with less) I have been a bit extreme.  I have made due w/ the bare minimum in this living room and I kinda love it.  

We decided to go with leather because duh, kids... and double duh- boys.  I am really happy with the decision to have leather.  We also decided to go with a sectional (which you wouldn't know it based on this picture) but this couch can actually attach other sections to increase its size but we are pretty happy with the way we have it now.

When we were out looking for leather couches we didn't really want to go with anything crazy expensive because we knew our kids were going to eventually ruin it and we wanted to minimize the cost.  We decided to go with Bob's Furniture and we are so happy we did.  For what we paid we are really excited.  We were in love with the WEBSTER couch from Pottery Barn but just couldn't see ourselves spending all that when we knew in a few years we would be replacing it.  Plus we wanted something that could grow with us and become a sectional if we wanted some day down the line in our new house.  We are thinking we will use this couch in our playroom in the future years. 

If you are looking for a sectional that has a lot of options, colors and patterns I suggest you check out ARHAUS.  I really wish we had the chance to look there but we are certainly going to be checking them out when we furnish our new mountain home.

The first order of business when creating a comfortable cozy environment is to add pillows and throws.  I feel this is especially important when you have leather as it tends to be cold and chilly when its cool in the room.  Throws add a huge element of comfort and Pottery Barn does an amazing job at making throws.  All my pillows and throws are from pottery barn.

I go through phases where I don't want any pillows on my couch but then I go overboard and have way to many and you can't even sit on the couch but after Christmas I think I have a good mix of pillows. 

I bought THESE ... They were a light color and at first I was afraid because I thought that the boys would destroy them but they wash really well.

THESE pillows compliment both the other two designs we have.  I have one large one for the full size couch and we also have THIS lumbar pillow to compliment the other.  

The thing with pillows is that they are easily changeable.  If you want to change the vibe of the room, or the color palette - throw pillows are the way to go.  Plus not to mention, the holiday season you can easily change up the decor.  I use the same pillows at Christmas time just different covers.

I know most people store their throw blankets in baskets or under storage ottomans but I love to drape mine over the furniture.  For one, they are so much more accessible.  The downfall though, is that if you are an OCD freak like myself you are constantly folding blankets - when you have kids.  

THIS throw is the softest one we have.  Now here is the downfall of having boys and blankets.  It is inevitable that one of your kids is going to eat a hershey bar and then run over and shove their face in the blanket.  So just know that you will have to wash them frequently.  I try and do this as little as possible bc for some reason I find that after several wash cycles your blanket loses their softness... but not with this blanket.  It is so nice and fluffy after each wash.  I know it is a bit pricey but its worth it.  However, it is on sale right now and bonus- they have matching pillows.

I like to style the throws with lighter colors just because my couch is so dark.  I feel like it brightens up the room.  Plus we have a very dark chocolate brown area rug.  Have a dark rug is genius when you have dogs (and kids) because I feel like it hides a lot.  Except it doesn't hide lint so you will be using your vacuum a lot but for me, I love it.

As you bring warmth into your room with throws and pillows you need to direct your attention to lighting.  I purchased these wall sconces a while back from Pottery Barn.  Instead of using real candles I went to Target and bought battery operated candles and I have them set to automatically go on at 4pm and they are on for 5 hours.  It brings just the right amount of comfort and cozy to any room.

Not only did I put these candles in the wall sconces but I also use them in my winston hurricane vases on my built ins.   I don't have to worry about a flame with the kiddos around and it is so nice that they automatically go on and off.  I have them set for right around when I start cooking.  It signals closure to my day.  I start supper, the candles are on, the kids go to bed and then I enjoy the quiet glow.

We just recently purchased end tables for the couch.  We never had that before and although I don't think we were missing that much, but now I think having that space to hold a lamp or candle is a huge plus.  I also think it gives the room some extra warmth as the tables we chose have a deep rich wood top.  The end tables are from Pottery Barn.

I bought THIS table lamp to put on the griffin side table.  It is the perfect reading light and also one of those lights to keep on when your not home.

We also keep a nice candle on the table.

Adding cozy to the dining room.... now that is a bit hard.  I keep things pretty bare in this room.  Partially because there is food involved... and with food and boys... there is mess and I don't like mess.  I have the pottery barn benchwright dining set and I am so in love with it.  I opted for the picnic style seating as we will be moving this set up north to the mountains and I feel like it just fits better.  I do have to say that the dark colors add extra warmth against the light white walls.  We also have linen white drapes that bring out a lot of brightness to an otherwise dark part of the house.  With little natural light coming in we wanted to brighten the room in a big way.

We purchased THESE belgian linen flax drapes.

We ordered up a size and had them hemmed to fit perfectly where we wanted them to drop.  I think drapes that just brush the floor make a room feel more lived in.

The lighting in this room is bright but I wish we went with a different light fixture.  We just recently purchased THIS chandelier for our new house and we love it.  It brings rustic charm to any space.  As for now, the chandelier we have will be just fine.

The rug is from pottery barn and it is an 8x10.  For the longest time we went without a rug and to be honest, I sort of liked it better.  I didn't worry about spilling or making a mess.  Plus, it was easier to clean but I did end up picking one out and loving it.  I think that adding carpet just brings an extra feel of cozy to a room.  Especially on a cold day when the floor seems to have that chill to it.

In order to tie the hall area to the dining room we added in a matching runner.  We live in a closed off cape so we don't have that open floor plan that we dream of..  Adding this area rug to the hall makes a great transition.  Plus in the winter it provides extra cozy to the cold bare floors.  

The great part about this wool rug is that it hides dirt even though it is light in color.  The pattern makes it difficult to spot lint and red juice.  Win. Win.

For all those interested this is the bosworth printed rug in grey.

My boys play room stays pretty constant.  I don't really change things up in here but I do add extra throws for them to use when they wake up in the morning.  I fold them and hide them in their lighthouse and they each pull one out in the morning and snuggle up.  

Pottery Barn Kids has great throws and we purchase the twin sized blankets for extra warmth and extra fullness.  

The boys also use the PBK sherpa anywhere chairs in chocolate brown.  

Folks- if you have kids do not get this light colored sherpa chair.  You will ruin it.  

I know!  This was my first purchase when we decorated the boys playroom.  Now, I hide this light colored chair in the light house and only take it out when the boys have a friend over.  

However I do have to say that all the sherpa chair covers wash very nicely.  I have washed the brown covers so many times and they still look new.

Hanging up your throws are an easy way for your kids to grab one when they want to cuddle up.  

We just keep ours folded and hidden.  Pretty much what I like to do with all of our stuff ha!

AHHHH probably the most important part of any "COZY" room is to add a nice crackling fire.  We use our wood stove almost every single day in the winter.  Even on days where we sweat ourselves out of our living room.  It is just so nice to have it going and believe you me, it is a lot of work but it is so worth it. 

I keep this going even when Matt is on the ship.  He has all the wood cut and ready for me right outside the door so even in the snow I can still grab logs easily.  

Our boys are really good about staying away from it when it is hot.  If you have a stove and you have kids, more than likely you will be a nervous wreck as I was when we first started letting the littles explore but they do sell really great gates to wrap up your stove to protect everyone.  I highly recommend getting one for piece of mind if you think your kids are in need of extra precaution.

On each side of the stove/mantel we have built ins that we use to keep baskets for kids toys and also store our books.  

Folks... nothing says sit down and relax like a warm fuzzy blanket, a fire, hot tea and a good book.  It is like your own little retreat right in your very own living room.

Just a little advice, adding cozy sometimes calls for hiding your tv.  Which we do with this piece of furniture from Sundeen.  We keep our plasma hidden and I love that the TV isn't the focal point of our living room.  We open up the doors at night before bed to watch a show or to watch the news but for the most part the kids don't even watch tv in this room.  They have a plasma in their play room that keeps their attention.

As far as adding cozy to the bathroom, well that to me needs to be just clean, fresh, crisp and bright.  I keep everything pretty bright since it is a small space and I use towels seasonally.  Typically I go for light blues or greens.  I also don't really like to over crowd the space with much of anything since it is so small.  I keep the towels in the linen closet and the boys towels are hung behind the door.  It keep the room bare and open.  I bought my towels from Pottery Barn a few years ago but I found a similar version HERE.

Bathroom Cabinet // Similar 

So there it is!  A cozy home... I am so glad that Arhaus asked me to speak on being cozy because it is gearing me up for this weekend of added comfort in my own home.  

Thank you for following along and if you made it this far, go make yourself a drink.  You deserve it. 

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