Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Christmas Recap

Hi!  I am back.  Happy New Year... Merry Christmas!!  I am taking you on a sneak peak of what happened over our holiday week and I am starting off with Christmas.

The boys had an early visit with Nana & Bubba on Christmas Eve and they each were able to open a present... of course they both loved what they got and didn't want to leave for church.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and The Lion Guard are among the favorites now.

After they opened Nana's gifts we wanted a picture infant of the tree....

This was take one!  Then we reminded them that Santa was watching.

Then they finally snapped out of it and brought on some excitement.

With a really loud "cheeeeeeese"

Then a knock on the door.... 

Our town is just so cute... The police department every year has a Santa sign up.  It is where you can sign up for a Santa visit on Christmas Eve.  You are given a time slot based on your address... 

We have done this every year.

Never EVER did I think this was going to happen.

Ry guy gave Santa a hug and it was the sweetest thing ever.

After Evan's hug he sat on his lap for a picture and we tried to get Ryan to hop on and he was in no way going to do so.  

He filled his quota #icantblamehim

We left two gifts outside the house for Santa to throw in his bag and the kids were super excited.... and now we were really going to be late for church.

We got to church with just minutes to spare... the boys got into their costumes for the play and Oh MY, is Evan not the sweetest little angel you ever saw.  He was so happy and excited.  I could not be more proud.  This little guy made me smile all night long.  

I swear... I know every mom thinks their kid is the cutest and as always moms are right.. but this guy.. soooo so so cute.

Then- we had a frog.  Ry guy was the frog... and he was just so cute.

When it was Ryan's turn to get on stage.. He had a little stage fright.  He wouldn't wear his hat (which totally showed what kind of animal he was) but OH well... still the cutest thing EVER.

Evan had a BALL being an angel and I just videotaped him running up and down dancing with this wand and smiling from ear to ear.  I just love how happy he is and how comfortable he is playing this part.  A far cry from a year ago.  He is just amazing.

Meanwhile... back to the frog...  :)

& the dancing angel... just can't get enough.

All my boys looked so handsome and I was one happy girl.

I am also very happy Ryan did not burn the church down with his dangerous fascination with fire. 

Silent Night is my favorite and I sing this song year round for my boys when they fall asleep...

Just for laughs, one last picture before putting on pj's and heading to bed for the big night..

But first.. one gift from mom and dad.

Merry Christmas friends... I hope you all had a magical morning.  My kids were saying this was the best Christmas ever (over and OVER) and I couldn't agree more.  

Thank you for following along!!!!

So much to come this 2017.  I can't wait to see where this blog takes me this year.

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