Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekend Recap

I am hanging on to fall, but we woke up with snow.... I am all like 

and my kids are all like....

One more week to go and then we are in official countdown mode.  Matt will be back from Korea next week and the Christmas festivities will officially begin.  

This weekend was so much fun with the kids and I am so glad that we were able to enjoy it finally with no sniffles, runny nose, coughing, boogers and sneezing.  Hooray.  

We started off Friday at pre-school and I was Evan's special reader.  Evan was able to choose his favorite book and he asked me to read it to his class.  Before circle time the kids had open free play and this is the table he chose to play with.  

After story hour at school Ryan and I came home to do a little house work.  I had a huge help in the vacuum department. 

After we cleaned up and got some stuff in order we picked Evan up at school and headed to the grocery store to grab a few things.  We also stopped for pizza and salad.

We got home from our errands and hung around the house watching some cartoons and playing with blocks.  Around 4, both my boys fell asleep in their chairs for a quick nap which was so awesome for me.  I snuck in a quick bubble bath and then got us ready for our Gingerbread decorating party at my girlfriends house.  

The kids wore their pajamas.  

Ryan would put a piece of candy on the house, then pull it off and eat it immediately.  

Per usual, the boys start off decorating and the moms finish.

Early Saturday morning Ryan and I decided to make some banana bread.  I think my boys love baking more than anything and my quick and easy two ingredient banana bread is the perfect recipe to throw together with them in the morning.

Later that afternoon Deez watched the boys for me so I could run to the mall and try this jumpsuit on.  It was on sale (30%) off at Anthropologie.  I am wearing this Christmas Eve but before I bought it I wanted to try it on and it was perfect.  I love it.  It is something so pretty and festive but totally appropriate to chase a little munchkin around during the Christmas Eve pageant.  

Sunday morning, Capt. George got into the boys gingerbread house.  Ryan laughed so hard!  It was so cute.  Evan was a little disappointed he wouldn't be able to eat his house all day Sunday :) 

Totally my plan and it worked.  

We went to church and the boys had fun making advent ornaments.  Ryan was so into it which is such a nice change of pace.  He usually is running around playing but today he was really into the crafts.

After church I took the boys to Target to purchase toys for the Interfaith Hospitality Network.  The boys had fun picking out toys for little boys and girls that otherwise might not have anything on Christmas.  It was a hard concept at first for Evan to grasp but he was able to understand.  

It was a crazy Sunday at Target.  Everyone was out shopping.  The boys had fun.

We came home and I started supper.  I saw this on Pinterest.. and although it was delicious I think it was a Pinterest fail.  This picture was right before the oven... it didn't look this beautiful when it came out but it was still tastey.

I also marinated some chicken in my homemade bbq sauce.... it was delicious.  

While cooking dinner I caught these two cuddling in Ryan's chair watching a show.

Can you guess which one fell asleep first?

HAH, these littles are full of energy.  But when they zonk out, they're out.  

I woke them for dinner... Everyone had baths and in bed by 6.. Ahh, I am exhausted.

Have a great week!  see you tomorrow friends.

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