Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Show & Tell.... Christmas Decorations

Happy Tuesday!  We are celebrating a little bit of Christmas today on the blog with Show & Tell your Christmas Decor! :)

I am linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals to give you a little home tour... so let's take a look.

We decorated our house this year just a little bit earlier than usual because Matt was leaving for Korea.  We wanted him to be apart of all the festivities and he wanted to secretly torture me with "OH- wait, I didn't move the elf" at 2am.... 

Usually we get a real tree but because it was going up so early we dug our fake tree out of the attic.  We let the kids help decorate so the ornaments are very clustered.

Normally we have our wood stove going so we take our stockings and hang them from bookshelf... We keep all of the kids Santa pictures on the  mantel... they are so funny to look back on. 

I got the boys stockings from Pottery Barn Kids and Matt and I have stockings from Pottery Barn Teen.  Originally my thought was instead of buying each other gifts, lets just fill our stockings.. but then I started thinking... hmm, should get bigger stockings.

Evan's first Santa picture.


Probably the best picture we have!

The funniest picture we have... notice the sweater outfit :)

I am going to take the boys tomorrow to see him.  One of them is super excited.

I have our Baby's 1st Christmas ornaments... This is Ryan's.

Evan has the giraffe.  

I also saved the kids first "cards" whether it be first Christmas card, first birthday card, Halloween, etc.. You name it I have it.  I only have first cards from the grandparents.

This special ornament was on my bouquet of flowers that were delivered to the hospital by my best dearest friend Kristin.  She is the boys Godmother.  I saved it from the flowers and turned it into an ornament.

My mom gave me this card when Evan was born in the hospital.  When you open it... it sings "Lets hear it for the boys" it is so cute and even now, 4 years later it still plays music.

My parents sent this to Matt and I on our first Christmas together as a married couple... it goes in our tree.  I love looking back at these special cards.

I love Christmas pillows!!  They are the first decoration to go up in my house... I can't wait to break out my pillows.  They are all from Pottery Barn.

This was Evan's favorite pillow to put up.  He loves the dog wrapped in lights.

I just ordered this Santa pillow and I can't wait for it to arrive.  

Our little wooden Santa.

We have another mini Santa in the kitchen by the our little tree.

Our Christmas advent calendar hangs on our basement door.

My dining room has three trees on the table.  At first I only bought one but loved them so much I had to go back and get two more for the table.  I am wishing I got more because they are just the perfect little tree.  I also have wreaths hanging in all of our windows except the living room.  I thought it was to much green with the tree in that room but now I am wishing I got them for the living room.  I still have time, maybe I'll go back.

Our bathroom has a little Christmas wreath.

The boys playroom have a few decorations of their own.  The chair backers are from PBK a couple years ago.  I love them and to easy to just slip on.

We have this little Winnie the Pooh tree.  The star lights up and Evan loves this.

I am not sure where this Santa came from but it quickly became one of the kids favorites.  We even brought this Santa in to school last week for the guess it box.

I thought if we got the boys cute Christmas bedding they would be more apt to sleep in their bed through the night.  Nope. Fail.  However, the do have really cute beds and they do love them... I got them at Pottery Barn Kids.

Ryan even has a little cute Christmas bed.

His bedding is from PBK but the red blanket on the end is from Target a few years ago.

They have a little tree in their room with some handmade ornaments from school plus a few favorites of mine.

I bought these for the boys when they were born. 

They also have a stocking in their room.  

We also have a set of Christmas dishes that the boys love and snowman mugs that we use every morning.  

I love decorating for the holidays.  Thanks for stopping in, see you tomorrow!

Be sure to check out our future and past dates of Show and Tell!

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