Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Favorites

We are officially in December... the real countdown to Christmas.  

It is Friday!  That means I will tell you all my favorites of the week. 

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Evan is taking a cooking class after school on Monday's.  This week he made these really yummy ritz cracker cookies.  He was so proud of his little dish.  We loved them and I think they were all gone within 24 - hours.  These have the best salty/sweet contrast.  They are delicious and I think that I will bake them again myself.  How can you go wrong?  Who doesn't love a ritz cracker / chocolate.


Matt sent this picture to use the other day and Evan couldn't believe his eyes.  He didn't understand why this hitch Daddy was able to FaceTime with us while but before he couldn't.  I explained to him that Daddy is in the shipyard living in a house while he works w/ the men to build the ship.  He has so many important jobs to do to make sure that the ship is built exactly the way it should be and the way he wants it.  Of course the next question was "can Daddy build me a ship?"  It is pretty cool to see this gigantic ship.  It really does not seem as big out in the giant ocean but sitting in the shipyard... it just makes you say WOW.  


I stopped by the mall the other day to grab a few Christmas gifts and you can't leave the Natick Collections without stopping in at Lolli and Pops.  It is the most amazing candy store.  It has every kind of chocolate and every style lolli pop.  It is so beautifully decorated and the prices are very reasonable.  We always leave with a handful of goodies.


So... I stopped in at Urban Outfitters.  This isn't a store I normally shop at and usually forget about when I am thinking of updating my wardrobe but Oh, my guys!  You need to remember UO.  I didn't have a lot of time to try things on but I quickly snapped pictures of items that caught me eye. 

I loved this sweater... it was so soft and I immediately remembered where I saw it.  Jillian Harris was wearing it and I remember liking her picture so that the info was sent to me via liketoknowit.  

I also loved this sweater.... 

This outfit gave me all the heart eyes.

I went home later that night... logged onto to the UO website and purchased 8 items... including a pair of sneakers.  You are going to love what I got.  I can't wait to show you when it comes in.  This store is so adorable and I will remember it when I am looking to add pieces to my closet. 

Plus... you can't forget about the beauty products and the cute adorable home gifts.


Last week I ordered this Pottery Barn table lamp.  It was delivered over the weekend and I quickly set it up.  It is heavy and the light is very bright.  We use it on the table near the couch.  It is the perfect reading light.  I have been looking for a table lamp for quite some time and this is perfect.  They also offer a complimenting standing lamp that I would like to get but I am not totally sure on where I should put it.


Have you ever bought those no show socks, that NEVER EVER stay up no matter how much you hope and wish they would?!?!?!  Well, look no further.  I found them ladies.  They work.  They are comfortable.  They come in several cute patterns and they are on sale.

I found these at Madewell.  

I wore them all day and never had an issue.  I even put shoes on and off several times a day and didn't have not one sock fall off the heel.  It is a Christmas miracle folks.  I want to stock up.  I have been on the hunt forever and now I am in love.


My hair is horribley dry.  It is frizzy and usually always crazy.  My hair can get really curly and not that good curl.  It is this wavey-kinky curl that isn't uniform throughout my head so most of the time I wear my hair up... Actually, all the time I wear my hair up.  I would love to be able to let my hair air dry in the morning and just leave it down all day but seriously folks, no one wants to see what will happen.  So up it goes all the time.

However, I have been using this product living proof and I am loving it.  Not only does it smell good but it really works.  It has only been about a week but I already notice a huge improvement.  I bought this at Target.  A little goes a long way.  

That is about it for my favorites this week.  Thanks for checking in.  We have a low key weekend ahead.  I may do a little shopping for friends and family... maybe a little wrapping.  Maybe a whole lot of nothing.  See you Monday! :)

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