Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  I remember back in college and in high school the Wednesday before Thanksgiving were big townie days.  We would all be home for break and there usually would be some big festive bon fire getting ready for the big game!  I loved the Wednesday before Thanksgiving... Now - the Wednesday before Thanksgiving,  I kinda usually look like this-

Being a mom, hosting Thanksgiving dinner, cooking everything yourself.  Yah, you feel me.

Luckily this year I am going to my mom's.  Matt is on the ship so I am taking it easy and I couldn't be more excited.  There is nothing like mama Balboni's home cooking.

So back to why we are here.  Once a month I link up with The Larson Lingo, Mix and Match Mama, and Sheaffer Told Me To.  We answer these questions!

So lets get started!

What we're eating this week...

I have been making the boys egg burritos for breakfast.  They are so easy and they love them.  I can cook them, wrap them in foil and they stay hot for a while.  This is super helpful because I can make them sometimes even before they come down stairs so that they are ready and waiting.  It is seriously tough to try and cook with two crying kiddos who are starved #shouldhaveateallyourdinner

I am going to make this cake again for Thanksgiving.  I may frost it this time.  It is super easy and always comes out perfect.  Every. Single. Time.

I Didn't use the Oreos.  Instead of frosting, I dusted with confectionary sugar.  Still delicious.  

Here is the recipe:

These peanut butter berry muffins have been in rotation this week.  They are so easy and the boys love them.  Sometimes I use blackberries on top.  Just whatever I have in the fridge.

What I'm reminiscing about...

Last year's Christmas card photo session.  Man, I was so prepared then.  I got the boys cute sweaters, we had a fun location with animals... This year I am foraging through old pictures to create some montage of memories.  #ohwell #momfail #betterlucknextyear

What I'm loving...

My lovely friend Dawn owns Dawn Fall Spa on Main.  She is a skin genius.  I have been seeing her since I was 25 years old... So what, 11 years now.  I trust her with my skin.  She recently came out with a new skin care line.  I have been using this serum and moisturizer and let me tell you.  Friends... this is amazing stuff.  

What we've been up to...

We recently renovated the boys room.  A final room reveal is in the works.  We also put up our Christmas decorations over the weekend.  Our house is full of festive cheer and minor construction (sigh) Our upstairs bathroom is still not functional but at least the boys are in their own room now! 

What I'm dreading...

Snow.  I am always dreading snow.

What I'm working on...

Sooooo I am starting a detox cleanse.  Now, don't freak out.  It isn't the typical cleanse.  This is a detox tea that you can incorporate into your daily routine.  It boosts your metabolism, burns stored fat, calms muscle spasms, & naturally raises your energy level!

Plus so much more! 

The day after Thanksgiving - I'm sure you've heard of it, Black Friday?!?! :)  Well teami is having an amazing sale.  They will be offering a buy one get one sale with the code LFBF

What I'm excited about...

I can't wait to take the boys to see Santa.  We usually go to our mall and make a day of it.  We hit the cheesecake factory, the candy shop, buy a few presents and just look at all the festive decorations and lights.  The kids love the mall.  They consider it an indoor playground.  

What I'm watching/reading...

After so many of my friends told me I need to watch Gilmore Girls I finally decided to binge.  I am still on the first season.  I know!!  I know!! I have a long way to go.  7 seasons total and just the first season has 21 episodes.  Yikes.  I do remember bits and pieces of this show when I watched long ago but I am loving it all over again.  

My goal is to have the entire 7 seasons watched before Matt gets home.  I will let you know next month how that goes for me haha!

What I'm listening to...

Christmas carols of course!  My kids are starting to learn the words which is really fun.  I will sing a verse and they will finish it.  I even catch Ryan in the bath tub trying to sing the words himself.  So cute!  

Speaking of Christmas music... earlier this week it was Evan's turn to bring in the guess it box.  We picked a pilot Santa.  I thought I was genius with the list of questions I put in.

What I'm wearing...

This sweater is awesome!  I love it.  Loft is having a huge sale.  This sweater is 40% off with the code THANKS

Remember how I was telling you the other day that I don't like to buy sweaters online because I don't like having to dry clean sweaters.  Well, folks.  This is the sweater for you (if your like me) it is machine washable.  Win!

Also, cozy socks, sweats, tee's and cardigans have been my school drop off uniform.  I see all these other moms... and I am thinking.  Man, what am I doing wrong with my time in the morning.  Clearly, I am not spending it on getting ready HA.  I will be that embarrassing mom one day I am sure of it.

What I'm doing this weekend...

I am putting out the boys Santa bedding from Pottery Barn Kids.  Last year I only had crib sheets and blankets and Ev was so sad that he didn't have any.  I didn't realize how much he loved them so this year I went all out and the boys will both be sleeping with warm cozy Christmas sheets.

What I'm looking forward to next month...

Give me all the holiday movies.  I am so excited to finally be able to sit down every night and enjoy one of these movies with my kiddos.  I remember it was always a special tradition in my family to watch Miracle on 34th Street.  I also can't wait to watch some cute classics with my boys.  

What else is new...

Matt is now on a new ship in Korea.  He left Sunday morning.  Everything is so different with our little schedule.  He is away as usual but the time change is so difficult to get used to.  Usually we can chat on the computer or on the phone if necessary but now the hours are so crazy.  He is 14 hours ahead so right now it is hard for both of us to be able to chat.  Right now what is best is when it is 5am or so his time... we could chat but it is right in the middle of the afternoon here.  

Regardless of the communication hiccup... we are so grateful for this opportunity. 

Bonus Question: What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?

I have been married almost 10 years and I think I may have spent Thanksgiving with my husband 2 of those 10 years... if that... So we don't actually have a tradition.  However, I would love to learn more about what traditions I could do with my kids whether he is here or not.  We typically have a Thanksgiving dinner before he leaves or after he comes home.  We don't want him to miss all the deliciousness.  We just do it on a day he is around.

I hope you all have a great day tomorrow!  Be Thankful!  Happy Thanksgiving! :) 

I will join you Thursday with a little Life Lately! 

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  1. I could not imagine hosting Thanksgiving with two little ones running around. I hosted last year and decided that I didn't want to do it again. :)

    I too, cannot wait to start watching Christmas movies! Eek! It makes me giddy just thinking about it.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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