Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Weekend Recap

Friday night was pretty exciting!  I gave myself a mommy pamper night. I used my glam glow mask from Nordstrom.  I love it and I put it on thick this night.  It took a while to dry but I love the feeling when I get to take it off.   The kids went to bed early and I enjoyed some time on the couch catching up on all my fall shows.  What am I going to watch this winter?   Everything is wrapping up for the fall.

After my mask I took a bath and probably jumped into bed by 9.  It was not very exciting.  Matt worked on his dad's garage with him all day so I didn't see him much.  I cooked a quick and easy supper.  Tacos!  Yay, we love tacos around here and that was our Friday.

Saturday morning was pretty low key as well.  Now that we are done with fall sports we don't have anything going on Saturday morning.  I took the boys with me to run a few errands and then I went to pick up my sister for some shopping at Garden City.  

We stopped by LLBean for some early Christmas shopping.  The wind was whipping around this corner here and Ry was a little nervous to be on the boot.  I sure do love me some LLBean.

We went to lunch at the Corner Bakery.  It was delicious.  I have never been but it is now one of the top lunch spots in my book.

After lunch we brought Ryan in to snip its for a hair cut.  I have been letting his hair grow out because I was not happy with the cut before... so several months later we were ready for a cut.  I showed the woman this photo:

So cute right!  I was super physched because his hair had been growing out for so long and we have our family pictures next week.  

I left disappointed.  Again.

We got another Lloyd Christmas cut.

Now I am no hairdresser, but this doesn't look anything like the picture.

So, back to pottery barn for a quick browse of the lamps because I have major heart eyes for this beauty.

I hate to pay full price - so it is on my radar. 

We got home and the kids went out to play.  

I tried to sneak in a quick bath late afternoon... someone found me.

Dinner was easy peasy.  I grilled up some steak and veggies and threw the quinoa and brown rice in the microwave.  Listen- I am not a huge fan of microwaveable foods but gals, this seriously is the best if you are in a pinch.  I wasn't in the mood for cooking a big dinner so this was perfect.  It is organic and easy.  90 seconds in the microwave.  bam. done.  

We didn't go to church on Sunday so we had some extra time on our hands.  I cleaned and did laundry while the kids played.  Matt had a dirt bike race early morning but was home shortly after lunch.

This little guy got to drive up the pipeline to meet up with Daddy.  They were cutting firewood for the winter.  

Later that afternoon we made almond joy cookies.  Gang, if you haven't, you need to and they are super easy.

24 oz bag of coconut
2 cups of chocolate chips
24 oz sweetened condensed milk
*nuts- but I left those out

After baking the boys went out for a joy ride through the woods.

We had a lazy Sunday.  The boys came back from their ride and I started supper.  After dinner the boys got cleaned up, watched a little tv before bed.

I did laundry and cleaned up a little before taking a quick break to admire the supermoon.  

That was our weekend folks.  It was pretty quiet.  Gearing up for a busy week and prepping for Matt's departure to Korea.

Have a great day everyone!  I have a few fun items coming in the mail this week and I am super excited.  

Also, starting my high protein diet this week gang... wish me luck!  

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