Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Weekend Recap

Ugh.  Monday.  I am not really happy to start this week.  Matt leaves tomorrow and we are all feeling the sadness.  We had so much fun while he was home.  We did so many fun things with the kids.

This past weekend was jam packed with fun and business.  Friday started off with just a short day at school.  It was a gorgeous day.  We dropped Evan off at 9 and then decided to walk over to the town hall to vote early.  

After we left the town hall we went home and Matt started working on the boys bedroom and I started cleaning the kitchen. 

I peaked in the playroom because it was super quiet.  This little guy was out cold.

Typical Ry.  One sock.

I finished up the dishes, cleaned up the first floor and folded some laundry.

Ryan woke up and we went down to the school for noon to pick up Evan. 

We got home and Evan wanted to watch Rudolph the red nose reindeer.

It is never to early to watch Christmas movies.

The boys woke up excited early Saturday morning to help Matt paint their bedroom.   

We went to Lowes to pick up some more paint and rollers. 

We got home and I had the boys strip down before painting.  At first I thought they should paint with clothes on but then decided against it.  So nude painting was it.

Ryan loves being a human gate.

After painting we got dressed and went to church for our annual turkey supper.  It was delicious and fun.  The boys loved running around and seeing everyone.  Their favorite dish was the pie.

We got home a little late Saturday night.  We gave the kids a quick bath and put them in their jammies.  I cleaned up the house a little, set the clocks back and went to bed.
We woke up Sunday morning had a little breakfast.  The boys played and Matt started on the room.  He had a few coats of paint to put on the trim and after he was done we got loaded in the car for a top

The kids woke up early Sunday morning and started playing.  After breakfast we packed up the car and headed out to western Mass to pick up our beef.  Every year we order a quarter cow from a farm. 

The boys couldn't leave the farm without saying hi to the little pigs.  They fed them acorns and apples.

We got back later that afternoon and watched Daddy paint the bedroom.  He used the paint sprayer so we were sitting outside the plastic.

We had an early basic dinner.  Grilled chicken with summer squash and zucchini.  Basic, boring but back to business.. I am jumping on the protein diet... 

So that was it, that was the weekend.  Hope you have a great day, thanks for checking in. 

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