Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Stranded with... Outwear

Hi Wednesday!  We are stranded today with Shay and Erika.  

Stranded on an island....  OK, here is there real truth.  As a kid, I used to think Alaska was an island.  So, today.  I am pretending Alaska is still an island and if I were stranded on it - this is what I would bring.

In my defense here is the map I had as a kid.   I was six.  Wouldn't you think by just looking at the map Alaska was an island. 

Ya, well I did.

OK, here we go.  Three things to bring if I were stranded on "Alaska"


I would certainly bring my North Face puffer jacket.  I could wear a t-shirt under this and still be warm.  I love this jacket.  


I can't decide - so I'll take all the blanket scarfs.  I love me a blanket scarf.  Typically when I buy one (I love amazon for this) I cut it down the middle and make two of them.  I usually give one to my sister.  Amazon has some really great scarfs for under $15.  How can you go wrong.


I love puffer vests.  My favorites are from J. Crew.  I also love my north face vest and I am on the hunt for a patagonia vest.  They are super easy to layer.  They add that extra layer of warmth.

Dress it up with a blanket scarf and bam, your done.

There you have it!  Stranded on an island. 

If you missed the previous stranded posts you can check them out below.

Join us next month when we talk about what Christmas movies you would bring.  This is a tough one.

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