Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Show & Tell... Gifts

Hey Tuesday!  Today I am linking up with Andrea from momfessionals to tell you the four gifts I would like to receive.  The want, need, wear, and read category.  This is a great guide to keep in mind of your kids when you are out doing all the crazy shopping.  

So here we go!  I could go on and on but here are the ones that are high on my priority list right now.


I am really hoping to get a Patagonia down sweater jacket this Christmas.  I recently bought Matt a jacket and he loved it.  I used to have a white one but it was a medium and way to big on me.  I think this jacket works best when it is close to the body.  I have a million jackets so I am sure I won't be frozen this year but I sure hope Santa is reading this blog post :)

These Pillivuyt Basketweave Porcelain dinner sets have been on  my wish list forever.  I have white dishes that are very similar but I am loving these and want to get the complete set.  They are 20% off right now.  I may just have to give in and get myself them.  I was hoping to hold off until we get our cabin renovated but I just don't know if I can wait any longer....


Kerastase shampoo is my favorite and I am down right out.  I usually buy the 34oz bottle on amazon. I already have the pumps, so I usually just switch out the bottle.  I love this!  It lasts a while and it smells so good.  It really makes a huge difference in my hair.


I am really loving Sole Society lately and this sweater is adorable.  I have a hard time with sweaters because I don't like to buy anything that is really hard to wash.  I have been really hesitant to order this for that reason.  I want to be able to toss a sweater in the wash.  It is hard enough to be able to wash a sweater but not dry it and to have to bring it to the cleaners, well forget about it.


I just joined a book club and I am super excited.  I always have LOVED reading but never was able to "find the time" but now that I belong to this group I feel as though I have some accountability.  

December is Miracles from Heaven by Christy Wilson Beam.  We are meeting December 15th.  I hope that I am able to make it.  Some nights are hard with Matt being away.  Actually - scratch that.  I know I can't make the meeting.  WOW, just as I am writing this post I am remembering that I have a board meeting for the school that night.  Darn it!

Oh well, maybe I will just watch the movie.

The next book is The House We Grew Up In by Lisa Jewell.  We are going to meet some time in January for this.  I hope that I am able to make that meeting.  

So there you have my wants, needs, wears, and reads for this season.  I know a lot of people use this rule of thumb for their kids for the holidays.  It is a great guide.  It is also really helpful at assigning the Nana's and Gramma's of the world.  I have so many people ask me every year, what do the boys want for Christmas.... and I never know.  This is such a great guideline.  

Hope you have a great Tuesday.  I am doing a ton of cleaning today (surprise surprise) I really do a lot of laundry right when Matt leaves.  I reorganize his drawers and tidy up all his stuff so it is all set and ready for his return.  Although that won't be until right before Christmas (sigh.... sigh. sigh)  

See you tomorrow for What's Up Wednesday.  

PS.  Don't forget to come back and check out the Christmas decor on the next Show & Tell


  1. White dishes are so perfect...you can dress them up or down. Love the basket weave touch.

  2. That cape is absolutely gorgeous! I need it too!

    And those plates! Too cute!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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