Thursday, November 17, 2016

Life Lately

Hey Gang- Happy Thursday.  

Life lately has not been very exciting for us folks over here on the compound.  We have been spending a lot of time at home and Matt has been doing some side work outside the home for the last week.  

We kinda miss him and he leaves for Korea on Sunday morning. 

Early morning.  Like super duper early morning.  So the kids will last see him on Saturday. 
Wah!  Boo! :(

But before I rush the end of the week let me tell you about our little life lately.

I had many a day this week where I did not use a brush.  Or a comb.  Or even conditioner.  I let the mane air dry and paid for it the following morning when it was a ball of snarls.  Oh well, so lazy this week.

However, not lazy in the skin department.  My skin this past month went crazy.  So crazy.  I am trying to figure things out and get myself back on track.  I am using the glam glow tightening mask... it is amazing.  I love it.  I lay it on thick and it easily pulls off.  Evan things I look like a robot.

Ya'll.  Seriously.  We have been using our wood stove and our house has been so hot.  We have been having really cold nights and mornings so we get the fire going good and then randomly the day turns out to be 65 degrees.  So by night time, I am opening up windows.

Last weekend I told you I went to LLBean with my sister.  I usually try on clothes in the store and then go home and think about them, look at them online, and sometimes buy them and sometimes change my mind.  It all depends on how much I think about them and come to the realization that I "have to have it" 

Most of the time I don't make the purchase but these three items are on my "I have to have them" list still and I can't seem to not think about this flannel.

The bad thing about not impulse shopping is that when you do get home, realize you want the black sweater but then go to buy it and they don't have your size because they are all sold out.  You cry.  Then drive an hour back to the store and buy it... which you should have done in the first place.

I love this cream sweater.  I decided against it because I felt like it made me look HUGE.  Sometimes boxy thick cut sweaters don't do it for me.

Did you have a chance to catch the supermoon the other night?  We did.  It lit up the backyard.  It is crazy to think that this certain moon won't happen for another 18 years.  My children, Oh man.  They will be adults.  Insert sobbing crying face.

This munchkin is the cutest.  He is still rocking those halloween jammies.  They glow in the dark, so obvious choice.

This munchkin sleeps with Mr. Freeze, puppy and halloween jammies.

Have you all heard of teami tea?  I just teamed up with them to start their 30 day detox tea.  I am excited.  Nervous and all the in between.  Stay tuned for a code that will give you a BOGO deal you won't want to miss!

Tuesday playgroup!  The boys love this playgroup.  We go every Tuesday and it is perfect for both their ages.  I love that I have somewhere that they both can belong and benefit.  

They have 45 minutes of free play and then they do a half hour of story and snack!  It is the perfect addition to our Tuesday.

This week I have been drained! 

However, I did make my famous mama Balboni sauce.  The boys love a good hearty meat sauce and I nail it every time.  So delicious!

This week I cooked a few dinners to store in the fridge so that I wasn't busy each night behind the stove.

I had a really messy kitchen Tuesday night!

But a really sweet pick me up on Wednesday!

Such a proud mom moment... this little guy built this all by himself at church.  I have these tiles at home also but this was the first time he created a masterpiece alone and to not destroy it with in the first two seconds of building is priceless.

That is life lately friends.  We are not exciting this week at all!  

See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

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