Monday, November 28, 2016

Lets Talk... Christmas Traditions

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This month we are talking about our Christmas Traditions :)

Take a look at the traditions my little family has collected over the years...

Since having kids our traditions have been a little extra special.  We are now proud owners of Capt. George.  Our elf on the shelf.  Never in a million years would I ever think that I would wake up every night in December in sheer panic with "Did I move the elf?"

Every year some day after Thanksgiving Capt. George brings a special breakfast.  The kids come down and see the cutest little set up.  He also usually brings a few presents or Christmas movies. 

Christmas donuts were my favorite.  I got the kids plates at Pottery Barn Kids.

One of our other favorite traditions since having littles is our special guest every Christmas Eve. 

Our town advertises a sign up with Santa.  He arrives in a police car.  You leave your presents outside your house and he sneaks them into his bag... He comes in all HO HO HO like and the kids LOVE IT.  

I should say that Ev loves it.....

Evan was showing him his favorite ornament on the tree... It was seriously the cutest thing ever.

After Santa leaves we head out to church.  This particular year Evan was in the church play... He was supposed to be playing a sheep but instead wanted to be a giraffe... so of course we all went with it. 

He was the cutest sheep-giraffe ever.

We always have a candlelight service.  It is so beautiful.  

We are also big gingerbread makers every year.  

Of course the one year we had awesome prebuilt gingerbread houses I didn't take any pictures!  Darn, that stinks.

Over the years though, the gingerbread houses have less and less candy on them... and more and more crazed sugar high kids.

The houses usually last a few days before they break them up and eat them.  

My boys also love to plant candy cane seeds.  We love this.... the boys go out one night and bury a little seed under the soil... then the next morning they run downstairs before sunrise to see if they grew into candy canes.

Ryan was only crawling this year so he didn't get as many as his big brother.

Evan collected so many canes and insisted on eating them all.  I had to put a stop to that... 

They are already asking when they can plant candy canes.

Towards the end Evan was helping Ryan collect his canes.

Seeing Santa at the fire house sticks with these kids all year long.

Every year we drive by the fire house Evan will say "that is where we met Santa"

Ryan was just a little baby so he didn't mind sitting on his lap at all.  This will probably not happen this year.  Evan barely wanted to sit on his lap... but he still loves the tradition.

One year the Polar Express was selling tickets on the railroad in our town.  We all went as a family.  Ryan was just a little baby and didn't stay awake for it but Evan really loved it.  Polar Express was actually the first movie ever saw.  He sat through the whole thing so intent.  He couldn't wait to get on a train in his pajamas.  

Ry guy was just a little baby!!! Ahhh, he was so adorable.  We will be going on the train ride again this year and Ev is so excited for it.

This is us after the Polar Express.... Matt did not want to wear pajamas on the train but I told him we had to.... I think we were the only adults HA :) but hey, when we got home we were already dressed for bed... bonus!

Of course we can't forget baking cookies!  We usually do chocolate chip but the one year that we got so busy we put out oreos, but hey- Santa did not complain.

Evan still bakes with me the same way... Up on the counter.

Lastly, the tradition to cuddle in bed and online Christmas shop is probably the best of the best.  I spend one whole day in my jammies, sipping hot cocoa and buying all of the gifts.  It is so fun, relaxing and very stress free.

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Come back tomorrow to see a day in the life of us post... it is a doozy.

Be sure to link up with us next time.  We will be talking about our home tips + tricks.  Probably one of my favorite topics.

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  1. That breakfast is so festive. I love it! I really need to buy some PJ's, sip hot cocoa, and buy gifts all in one day also. ;)


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