Thursday, November 10, 2016

How To Stay Healthy This Winter

Winter is coming.  No matter what we do or what we say mother nature is bringing it and there is no stopping her.  

However, we can try and adapt and do even the simplest things to stay healthy.  

Part of being a mom is to not only keep my kids alive but to also help them grow into the strongest best possible version of themselves.  It isn't easy.  Trust me.. the days when they want oreos for dinner and pizza for breakfast... you just want to give in and let them have it.. because lets face it.  No one wants to argue cold pizza before coffee with a two year old.  

Eat Healthy

That being said, Stonyfield has made my morning super simple and easy.  My kids love yogurt.  I have one little guy in particular that just can't get enough.  I usually can't get out of Target without him eating 4 squeeze packages.  His name is Ryan and he is a Stonyfield lover.  As we all should be.  I make a smoothie every day using french vanilla whole milk yogurt.  It is absolutely delish.

Eating a healthy well balanced diet is key to staying healthy this winter.  Your body naturally can protect itself given the right foods.  Say hello to Greek yogurt.  In a study published in clinical nutrition, people who consumed a specific strain of probiotics daily reduced their risk of catching one of the winter bugs by 27%.  Try and eat at least one serving a day of Greek yogurt!  This truly is a scientifically proven health benefit.

Wash Your Hands

If you have littles who are in school more often than not they are going to be bringing something home with them.  Have them wash their hands before every meal.  When the come inside from being at the store or before and after the bathroom.  Constant hand washing is the best way to reduce the germs and keep your littles healthy.

Drink More Water

Sometimes drinking your water is easy and you get it done and its only noon.  Then there are the days that you struggle to drink and you need to force the fluids down.  Whenever I feel like I am struggling I add fresh fruit to my water.  It helps create the illusion I am having some festive tropical drink.  It is fun, colorful and even gets my kids to drink more water.  

Staying hydrated is key for so many reasons.  Not only does your body need it but it is great for your skin!  My skin takes a beating over the winter but it does help if I get those extra ounces in.

Work Out

I don't know about you but I enjoy being outside more than being inside a gym.  Having the ability to run outside in the fresh sunshine is so amazing.  When the dark winters come and its cold and we have snow covering the sidewalks it is really hard to want to work out.  Hitting your local gym for a pilates class or spin class can be just as powerful.  Try and choose an activity that works for your schedule.  Choosing something that excites you will motivate you.

Get Outside

This is just something I live by.  I don't know if there is any truth to it or if it even works but spending outside every day playing in the fresh air does something.. It makes you feel refreshed and even if you are struggling with a little sniffle being in the fresh cool air clears you up and wakens up your system.  Especially the kids- get them out.  Burn some energy. 

Don't be afraid to bundle up those babes and bring them outside for some fresh air.  


Sleep is just as important during the summer as it is in the winter.  Our bodies require rest... and as moms we don't always get it but it is super important to try and tame your schedule to allow yourself some time to recoup.  I need a lot of sleep.  If I don't get it, I feel terrible.  I have a headache.  I am moody and it just ruins my day.  During the winter months we lose a lot of day light so it makes getting cozy in our pajamas a little bit easier.  We can use this to our advantage.  Get the kids to bed a bit earlier, grab a good book, cuddle up and relax.  Rest.  Recoup... 

Speaking of taking great care of yourself this winter and staying healthy!! I want to tell you about Tom's of Maine products.   All their products are made from natural and organic ingredients.  

If you are making all these changes to keep yourself healthy this winter - then let me talk a little bit about changing something you do every day sometimes twice a day!

Brushing your teeth! 

I am super excited that I finally found a toothpaste that my whole family loves.  It is so refreshing and doesn't have that overwhelming flavor of mint.  

I am slowly changing products in my home that are safer and more natural.  Tom's of Maine was a great start.  If you think about it, you are using toothpaste, every day, twice a day for basically your entire life so why not use something healthy and natural.   Conventional toothpaste contains serious toxins.  Take a look at the fine print, most pastes say that children under six shouldn't consume and to contact poison control if accidentally swallowed.  Well, if you know Ryan, you know that when give then opportunity he will suck the paste right out of the tube and that is a scary thought. 

Also, Tom's of Maine is fluoride-free.  Yes fluoride strengthens teeth and prevents cavities but what you don't probably hear is that fluoride can discolor your teeth, suppress the immune system, cause certain cancers, cause gastrointestinal issues and in some cases cause birth defects. WHAT?!  

Most of us have fluorinated water.   Tooth decay is on the decline, both in countries that fluorinate their water and countries that don't.  This is due to better hygiene and food sources.  

That is why I don't like to use conventional toothpaste unless I'm in a pinch and have no other option.  Instead, I use a variety of natural products and this toothpaste was one that I wanted to share with you.

So end rant on toothpaste... just buy it.  You will love it.

Thank you Tom's of Maine for sending me these amazing products and providing my family with safe, healthy, options for a healthier life.

Head to Target and grab yourself some Tom's of Maine goods!

Hope you stay healthy this winter... make small changes for big, drastic, results and you will feel better about yourself and the decisions you are making for your family.

If you are interested in learning more about small healthy choice changes every day then follow me @healthychoiceliving on instagram! 

See you tomorrow!

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