Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Favorites

Hi Friday!  

I am linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci to tell you my favorites of the week.

We have a busy weekend ahead.  

Lets just get started. 


It is the season folks.  It is as if we totally skipped over Thanksgiving.  We contemplated putting up the tree early this year since Matt is leaving Sunday and will be gone through most of October but folks!  I can't really have a tree in my living room for over a month.  So unfortunately, Matt won't be with us to decorate the tree which we always did as a family.  Instead, we decorated the outside of the house with Christmas lights yesterday.  We still need to hit Lowes and grab a second box of lights to line the top portion of the roof.  Later today we will be hanging the "Christmas Socks" as Evan would call them... and I am already rocking out to Christmas music.  #sorrythanksgiving


Is this not the cutest pillow!  We have a few pottery barn Christmas pillows already but this little lady is new to our collection.  I love it.  Plus, right now it is on sale! 


I recently discovered this cute little shop in the town over from me called The Purple Rose.  I have been by it hundreds of times but never thought much of it because of the name.  I decided to go in and I fell in love.  They have every rustic, primitive farmhouse decoration you could think of and they carry seasonal items.  The holiday signs were adorable and I may or may not have purchased a few!  Also, these pillows are from Magnolia Market.  Which just so happens to be my newest most favorite obsession.  I am obsessed with Chip and Joanna Gains.


Since Matt is leaving Sunday and missing Thanksgiving we are creating a care package for him to send to the ship.  I usually try and put these together once in a while with the kids because they always are so excited to send him fun snacks and cute pieces of artwork they make.  I think Matt secretly wishes the entire box was filled with swedish fish and 


It was so exciting to shop for Christmas lights this week with these littles.  Lowes was in full force with their blow up decorations and their dancing bears.  We also needed to pick up a few things for the upstairs bathroom and the boys walked around the store with their Santa hats on and their dancing singing animals.  Evan's bear was singing Ice Ice Baby.  That song was in my head for the rest of the day.


After Lowes we stopped for a breakfast break.  We went to our usual spot.  The Miss Mendon.  We love it here.  The breakfast is always delicious.  We have been coming here for years.  I love me some diner coffee.


I made my mom's homemade sauce this week for a few dishes I was cooking.  It is always a good idea to make this in a huge batch, stretch it out through different dinners and lunches and then freeze the rest.  It is seriously so delicious.  Mama Balboni makes the best sauce!!!  So glad to pass down this family recipe. 

That is really all that made up the week.  We have a busy Saturday!  I have a lot of housework in the morning to catch up on, birthday parties and Friendsgiving.  Sunday will be a sad day around here.  Matt has a 6am flight out of Boston and will be up and out of the house by 3:30.  The kids will last see him before bed Saturday night.  

See you Monday!

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  1. Those pillows are gorgeous! And that homemade sauce looks SO good!!!

    Sarah Bell
    Trendy & Tidy


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