Monday, November 14, 2016

Boys Room Part II

Just another weekend in the books.   The weekend was fast!

It has been a while of the boys camping out in our bedroom with their mattress on the floor.  At first it was exciting, cute and a little hectic now it is just tiring, clustered and chaotic.  The first few nights the boys did awesome.  They went to bed, stayed in bed and slept through the night.  

Later in the week...

An hour or so after I put Evan to bed he came down stairs to tell me he has to go to the bathroom.  I asked him if he got into my make up drawer and he said no.  

So ya!

I can't wait for them to get back in their room.

This week was stop and go with the amount of time Matt was able to put towards this project.  It just is so hard to do work with two small helpers that want to do everything with their dad.  

The insulation went in and the new dry wall went up.  Easy peasy. 

During the demo of the front wall Matt decided to knock down the adjacent wall and make the bathroom bigger.  I came home from target to see an even bigger project than when I had left.   It is a tough swallow but ultimately making the bathroom upstairs with a shower makes more sense.  I don't know why the original owners decided not to include a shower or tub upstairs.  It has always been a pain with having only one main shower area down stairs.  Especially since having kids.

The bathroom wall was knocked down and re-built rather quickly.  The main objective before Matt goes back to work is to get the boys room done so we can get their beds back in there.  I have lived in this house for 10 years without a shower upstairs, I can live with it for three more weeks.  

The boys I am sure will be sad to leave our room but I know they will be super excited to have a new room.

Drywall is up with the new shower roughed in to the left.  

The boys were excited to see the bathroom from inside their bedroom.

At least we are seeing some progress.  Everything is framed and dry walled in.  The new bump out in his room where his bed used to be will be the back side of the new shower.  

Here it is with two coats of joint compound, one more (or in his case 2, 3 etc) coat to go.  He also put back the window trim.  Instead of buying new trim for the windows, we used the existing trim and sanded it down to a smooth finish. 

We are getting closer.  The chair rail is up and the baseboard is installed.  He filled in the cracks with caulking.

I should also mention that since building out the shower and changing the foot print of the room we needed to cut the carpet pad to match the new floor plan.  We haven't fully decided if we want to re stretch the carpet we have or purchase something new.

The room is ready for paint.  I think...

Thanks for checking in.  Hope to see you guys back here tomorrow!  Have a great day.

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