Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Boy's Bedroom Part I

Morning Wednesday!  Sorry for the lack of post yesterday.  Yesterday was a struggle.

When we got pregnant we decided that we weren't going to find out the sex so when we first started to decorate the bedroom we did what all unsuspecting parents would do, we painted the room white and yellow.  

Fast forward four and a half years and two boys later we decided this room needed a little love.  This room was also home to some serious water damage a year and a half ago.  The project has been on the list for quite some time.  The damage was mostly around the window and some of the ceiling adjacent to the window.  

The first thing we did Friday night was move everything out of their room.  We thought it would be best for them to share Evan's full size mattress on the floor of our room.  We disassembled Ryan's crib and put it away in the attack for now.  We brought the dressers and toys out and took down the curtains and bookshelves.  

Everything fit in our bedroom pretty nicely.  It is a tight squeeze with the mattress on the floor but this way we know that the boys are safe at night instead of putting them downstairs in the playroom for the night.  

The photo is so blurry because it was at night and I was so worried I would wake them but how cute are they snuggled up in their blankets.  I thought for sure that if they were sleeping in the same room as us it would lesson the amount of wake ups during the night- it did not.

After Ryan went to bed we rolled up their bedroom carpet and took down the baseboards.  We aren't sure if we are going to put the carpet back or get something else.  After we got the carpet rolled up we took off the baseboard on the wall we will be replacing.  Not only will we be replacing the walls but we are going to replace and fix the trim around the windows and doors in the room.  The closet also needs a new door.  We haven't yet decided what we are going to do.  Matt will either mill one and customize it for the space or we will measure and order a custom sized door. 

Evan has been asking when we are going to paint since we started rolling up the carpet.  We have such a long way.  

Saturday morning we started by putting down some plastic to try and keep down on the dust and dirt. The boys were super excited to start taking down the walls.  Evan couldn't believe we were letting him hit holes in the walls with a crow bar.  Let's just hope that Ryan doesn't try to do this after the room is all done.

Ryan also took a couple good wacks at the window.  

The wall came down relatively quickly and without much of a mess.  We bagged up all the rubble and  debris and hauled it away.  After making some measurements Matt left for Lowes to pick up the drywall and a few other parts he will need.  

Anyone that is thinking of doing some renovating and remodeling let me just tell you, there will be dust.  No matter how much taping you do, or room blocking you do, the dust some how finds its way into everything.  

I will bring you another update later in the week.  I know the boys are going to be super excited for what we have planned for this space.  Don't forget to follow me on Pinterest to see what I may be doing for their room.

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