Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Boy Room Reveal

We finally finished the boys room.

It was so much easier in my head... as it always is.  I am not loving the placement of the furniture and I can't figure out what exactly to do about it.  I think the main reason is since we bumped out the bathroom wall it took a great "bed" spot away.  We are putting a shower upstairs and we needed to make the bathroom bigger.

However, the boys love their new room and they are excited to go to bed every night so that is all I need.  

The matching changing table holds quite a bit.  Right now it is mostly diapers and baby stuff but we will be able to use it for clothes and toys when the boys are bigger.  The top portion comes off to be used as a normal bureau.  The curtains are Pottery Barn Kids as well.

sWe recently put Ryan's rail down on his crib and he sleeps in a "big" boy bed now.  This bed is discontinued from Pottery Barn Kids.  I love this crib.  It was and still is one of my favorite baby purchases.

This is the bump out I was talking about.  Evan's bed used to be up against this wall but narrowing it made it to short to put the bed... so instead we put up his book rack and the train table below it.  

So Evan now has his bed centered on this wall and it is driving me a little bit crazy.  However, for now I am dealing with it.  We haven't picked out a bed frame yet because we were waiting to see if we would put the boys in bunks, or each get them a full size bed.. undecided so we are holding off.  We put his Pottery Barn Kids oversized chair next to his bed which basically is used as a landing pad when he jumps... His sheets, blankets, pillows and comforter are all from PBK.  The turtle on his bed was given to me at my baby shower and is from PBK.

Our big fur babies are up on the wall.  Newman, Shibley, and Kinley.

When I was first pregnant and decorating the nursery we went with an ABC neutral theme.  We didn't find out until birth if we were having a boy or girl... so naturally the green and yellow theme came into play.  This bear on the left here usually has clothes... but as you can imagine I have two boys who thinks its hilarious to take off his underpants.

This was Matt's dresser when he was little.  The drawers are a little hard to open but the dresser does hold quite a bit.  A few times I have thought of getting a new one but I kinda like that this is passed down.  I probably will need to get something when Ryan gets a little bigger.  

We have our ABC theme lamp from PBK on top as well as a baby monitor and penguin humidifier.  Our fish Tiger is up there and a few other nick nacks from when Matt was little... its been passed on.

I saw this clock at a little boutique in Boston when I was pregnant with Evan.  I just thought it was the cutest... it is a family nickname "toots" and with the ship in the background it was just perfect for our little family.  

There is the newly improved boys bedroom.  

Thanks for checking in!  See you guys tomorrow!  

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