Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekend Recap

I know a lot of you are extending your weekends through Monday - and good news! so are we.  I just decided to jump on quick and tell you a little bit about what we did this weekend.

This was the first weekend we really didn't do A N Y T H I N G !

After I dropped Evan off at school I went to my work out class.  

I picked him up at noon and we had nothing planned for the rest of the day. We came home and Evan wanted to ride his dirt bike and Ryan wanted to ride his four wheeler.
They did that for a while and then I helped them build a little fort in the trees.  We made a pretend fire and then collected some hickory nuts for their food.

We had a low key dinner as well.  Nothing fancy, just a mix and match plate of fruits/veggies with some scrambled eggs.  I am trying to save my grocery shopping for Wednesday.  So we are just trying to thin out the cabinets.

The boys had a long bubble bath, a couple tv shows, two books, three songs and bed by 7.  I relaxed the rest of the night catching up on scandal, greys, how to get away with murder, chicago pd, chicago med & quantico  I haven't sat down to watch that much tv in a long time.  & it felt so good. 

Several hours later we woke up to an overcast Saturday morning.  

I picked a package of strawberries up at Whole Foods earlier in the week and we polished them off at breakfast.  Evan had his with Nutella, Ryan ate his with a spoon and whipped cream and I ate them with a couple dipped in sugar. 

We didn't have soccer because the field was occupied so we hung around the house all day.  We jumped in the bounce house, played hide and seek and I managed to do 4 loads of laundry.

Later that morning we broke out the finger paints.  

The boys wanted to make a welcome home Daddy sign.

I turned my head for one second.

Thankfully it was washable paint and inside the tub they went.

After their bath they went out for a snack.

They each had a carrot and sat on their toys to eat.

Newman had the leftover carrots.

Evan broke out his tools late Saturday to fix some of the wheels on the wagon.

He worked hard on this for quite a while.  He said Daddy will be so proud once he can get this fixed :)

Sunday morning we woke up rushed.  We all were in bed until at least 8am.  Ryan was up for some strange reason at 3:30.  I finally got him back down a little after 5am and I just decided to go back to bed myself.  I guess I really needed it.  

Needless to say we were rushing a bit to get to church. 

Once we got there I taught the kids about the Burning Bush.  We were supposed to go outside but the rain really ruined that plan so we stayed inside and watched this video of the bush instead.

We left church and I came home to start prepping for the week.  I made chocolate chip banana bars.  I decided to use oats instead of flour.  I haven't had my food processor out in so long.  I forgot how much I loved this machine.

I added in the rest of the ingredients and blended until smooth.

Poured in the batter, decorated with some chips and baked for about 25 minutes.

I cut up the bars, sealed them and threw them in the fridge.  We later threw out some scraps for the chickens.  

& the rest of the day I spent hanging around the house building railroad tracks and watching Alice in Wonderland.  That is my little weekend. 

We don't have school today.  I am doing some major prep for Daddy.  He is coming home soon and we couldn't be more excited.  Have a great day!  see ya'll tomorrow.

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