Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend Recap

We woke up early Saturday morning to let the chickens out and give them some scraps we had from breakfast.  Soccer was canceled due to the heavy rain we were getting.  
Usually I am prepared with a bunch of different things to do with the kids but this day I had nothing.

We hung around the house for a good part of the morning.  Evan was sleeping late because he was up so late the night before with our little pizza night at our friends house.  

We got an email this morning of Matt's morning.  Isn't this sunrise so pretty?!!? I love showing the kids these pictures.  They think it is so crazy that we see the same sun even though we aren't together.  

After a morning of cleaning and laundry I decided to take the boys to the indoor play place.  We have this giant indoor playground and it has all kinds of fun stuff for the kids.  I haven't been in a long time and the boys had fun.  It was crazy busy though.  We were there for almost three hours.  They were all sweaty by the time we were leaving.  

The picture quality is terrible but the excitement is there.  Evan climbed up this slide with a rope and slid down so fast.  He was wearing fleece sweats that apparently made him go extra fast.

Both boys were in the bounce house.  It is so great to see that Ryan can enjoy all these activities.  For so long he was always so little and he hated that I said no he couldn't go in.  Now, he's like "see ya  mom"

He is on his way up!  He is fascinated by climbing walls.

He was constantly looking back to make sure I was watching him.

Ryan loves pushing the carts around. 

& finally he attempted the big slide.  It took him an hour to gain the courage but he did it.

753,038,038 times.

Later that night after the kids went to bed I treated myself to a little me time.  I am not sure if I mentioned how much I love this stuff?  I keep mine in the fridge. 

I made waffles Sunday morning.  If you missed the recipe over the weekend here it is.  They were delicious.  The boys loved them.

After breakfast I got dressed for church.  I am wearing a cloth and stone button up from Anthropologie.  The softest shirt EVER.  

My jeans are from spanx (old)  They zip up the back.  They are a super dark wash.  My booties are from Nordstrom.


They are Vince Camuto.  So comfortable!

After church we quickly headed over to a friends birthday party.  They had it at The Butterfly Place.  It was so cool.  We were a little late because of church and the time it took to get there but we made it none the less.  She made the cutest yummiest cup cakes.  The boys were obsessed with eating the worms off the top.

After cake we went in to see the butterflies.  The boys were really good about not touching them.  They just were really hoping that one would land on them.

This place was just really so cool.  It was really warm in there.  They keep it between 80-85.  It was so peaceful.  They had fish and birds in there.  

After the party we went straight home took off our church clothes and changed right into our pajamas.  

I started folding some laundry while Evan and Ryan built a train track.

Does anyone else have this problem?  When you say look at the camera, say cheese, look at mommy..... smile.... Do you just feel like you get nothing in response...  in fact.. they just move around faster and quicker.  Ya, those are my boys.  I never can get them to sit and smile for a picture. 

After laundry we made chocolate chip cookies.  

They were delicious!

That is our weekend everyone.  Thanks for checking in to see what we were up to.  See you tomorrow!

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