Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Stranded With... Halloween Candy

Today is an awesome day in our house.  Daddy is coming home tonight.  Although the kids won't see him until Thursday morning.  His flight lands so late and by the time he gets home the boys are already in bed.  Going to bed on a Wednesday before Daddy comes home is like Christmas Eve.  It takes them forever to get settled and to sleep and when they see him on Thursday it is better than Christmas morning.

Back to business.  Once a month I link up with Shay from Mix and Match Mama and Erika from A Little Bit of Everything.  Each time we talk about what three things we would take if we were stranding on an island.  

So far we've covered these...

Today we are talking about Halloween Candy. 

This is our candy bag from last year.  I dumped everything that the boys got at the end of the night and put it in this bag.  I gave them each a little bit to eat that night and the rest was put away for bribes and good behavior rewards.  

Yes, I am that mom.

Yes, I bribe my kids.  

My kids are so young that they don't really get the fact that after we get home from trick or treating they have this bag full of candy... so what I do is combine all the candy and keep it in a bag in my kitchen.  When I need to bribe them or reward them for great behavior I dig into the halloween bag.

My most favorite candy!!! hands down- The Reese's Cup 

I especially love the holiday cups.  I love that they don't have that crispy crunch on the outer edge.  It is just pure amazing goodness with the peanut butter.  I could go through an entire bag of eggs or trees by myself.  Oh yum, can't wait for the trees to come out.  

So, I am grouping all of Reese's into one category.  It is only fair.

The next candy I would bring would probably have to be Twix.

I love the chocolate caramel cookie!  I have also made a homemade version of this, and I have to say though, it doesn't compare.  I could eat 10 mini Twix in one sitting.

Lastly, I love Butterfinger.
These three would definitely satisfy a sweet tooth craving.  You also wouldn't find any of these items in my kids halloween bags.  I only have a couple more years of stealing my kids candy before they start realizing their true love for these items as well.  But until then, more for me! :)

Matt lands late tonight.  We are all so excited!

Have a great day, don't forget to check out the other Stranded posts.


  1. Love all of your choices.. butterfingers, yum! I love the holiday shapes for the PB cups as well- they just taste so much better!

  2. Why are the holiday shapes SOOOOO much better??? They are!


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