Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Small Project: Spice Cabinet

You wouldn't believe it but inside this pretty little cabinet door is a serious mess.  I know the golden rule, you aren't supposed to keep your spices above your stove and after taking a look inside the cabinet at some of these spices I can agree why.

However, I have a small house.  I have limited space and to be honest, I don't really notice a big difference in the spices other than that some of them were stuck together.  I rarely use them, and for the most part buy fresh when I can so I am going to keep the spices in the same spot.

As most of you know I create a series called Small Project's because I wanted to encourage you to be able to tackle something in your home under 30 minutes while your kids watched a show, ate their lunch or just when they weren't looking. 

These projects are simple, quick, make a huge impact and are easily done within 30 minutes.

So take a look inside this space cabinet.

So, yah the ride side kinda looks a little organized.  The left is a hot mess and everything in the back and middle are a disaster.  First thing to do is take everything out of the cabinet.  

Once you have everything out take a look around on what you have.  

You wouldn't believe that I had 3 bottles of cloves, duplicate red pepper flakes, multiple bottles with barely there ingredients.

I combined the cloves and threw out what was left inside old used bottles.  I tossed spices I just don't cook with in an effort to reduce the footprint of little red bottles.  I threw out cake decorating candies that were in there since, I don't know, before my kids were born.  Gross, I know.

So after the cabinet is empty, wipe everything down, clean it out, use a natural spray cleaner like Method!  It is a plant based cleaning product that is healthy for you and for your cabinets.  

Now that you have a blank canvas, start to put everything back.

I have a little step shelf that I bought at the container store.  It is just an easier way to see the spices.  

I put the tall bottles in the back (obviously), line the rest with the shorter red spice bottles.  I put some of the spices that didn't match the others down the middle of the cabinet and also snuck in my salt and pepper shakers.

I have a few other dried spices that I put along the left side of the cabinet and filled in with my vanilla extract, mint extract and peppermint extract.  Matt is a huge face of Tony's (it is a southern thing) so we need a gigantic creole spice in here as well.

I am a fan of the McCormick spice.  Maybe it is a New England thing, or maybe it is just the only popular spice company around but something excites me about these bottles.  I think it is the red tops, its a festive excitement.

So there you have it.  An organized spice cabinet.  Everything is easily visible.  I don't have to reach to much to get items.  Everything is clean and wiped down.  

I did this while my kids ate lunch and had everything cleaned up and put away before they were finished.

I hope you were able to benefit somewhat from this post.  If you have an idea of a small project let me know in the comments below.  

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Have a great day, see you tomorrow for our What's Up Wednesday.

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