Monday, October 17, 2016

SMALL Project: Linen Closet

I am sure most of you have a linen closet.  Right? so this small project I decided to do a quick clean out.  I am sure most of you may look at this and say your closet is already so organized and clean and yes, it mostly is but I really just wanted to spend under 30 minutes taking everything out, wiping it down the shelves and just making it every good looking.


I have a basket on the top shelf that holds some medicine and random stuff.  Mostly the medicine here is for my dog Shibley and we have some extra tissues etc.  The next shelf holds our bath towels. I should also mention that this closet is right outside our first floor bathroom.  The boys take baths in this tub so as most people use this closet to hold the over flow of kitchen items we use it for our bathroom stuff. 

The shelf below the towels is hand towels and face clothes. 

The bins hold an overflow of kitchen towels and random rags for cleaning.

The last shelf is a couple bins of bath mats, light bulbs, glade plug-ins and toilet paper.

First I took everything out of the closet and wiped everything down.  This Method all-purpose cleaner is amazing.  It smells so fresh and it is plant based.  I don't mind using this to clean and then replacing the shelves back with towels.  I know that this is a non-toxic product and I feel safe using it in my home.

After everything was out, I vacuumed the shelves, wiped them down and refolded all the towels.  I put everything back on the shelves.  Usually I take this opportunity to rearrange a few things but I didn't this time.  Mostly because the kids know exactly where everything is that they need and I didn't want to confuse them.

I went through the bins and pulled out all the old rags.  I also got rid of face cloths that were a bit dingy.  I refolded all the kitchen towels and put them in one basket and all the other cloths in the basket next to it.  

I refolded the hand towels and put back all the baskets.

So a quick update: I bought these pottery barn towels.  I got a good price on them back when we were doing the bathroom over so I bought 16 towels, 16 hand towels, and 16 face cloths.  I totally regret buying light blue!  So, if you are thinking of buying color vs white.  Go with white.  Almost every single towel I have now has a bleach spot on it.  It mostly is from the different face products I try.  So I was a little disappointed.  I am going to use these up and not worry about stains or what not.  In our new house I am planning on going all white.  Easy washing with all white!

I didn't really touch the bins.  They don't have anything really in them worth going through right now but it is nice to keep everything consolidated in these bins.  It looks neater and it does keep things organized.

The top shelf bin- just holds cough drops, dog meds, tissues and some kids medicine.  I went through everything and took out anything old and gave it a once over.  It is nice to have everything current and up to date.  There is nothing worse than reaching for medicine that is either expired or not what you are looking for.

After I gave everything a once over I put everything away and called it done.

A bonus- as I was going through the small milk crate baskets at the bottom I found Williams Sonoma kitchen towels still in their package.  I was pretty excited!  See you never know what you find when you take the few minutes to do a quick clean.

I hope you can find 30 minutes and take a quick trip through your linen closet.  These small projects are meant to do when you have just enough time to start and finish them.  I don't intend these things to happen often but when they do I find great pride in knowing I did something that makes such a different but yet didn't take that much time.

Share your small projects with me below!  Have a great day.

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