Thursday, October 13, 2016

Life Lately

Hey Thursday! We have one exciting day happening.  The boys are seeing their dad for the first time in a long time.  

Here is a little sneak peak into our life lately.

We went to an apple orchard earlier in the week and the boys spotted some pigs.  They wanted to come check them out and feed them some apples.  I didn't think that they would eat them but sure enough the pigs gobbled them up.  Ryan thought it was awesome and before I knew it he was tossing all our freshly picked apples over the fence. 

Ryan was showing me how high he needs to reach to grab apples!

I think for Ryan the best part was being able to eat apples and toss them after only a few bites.  I tried hard to stop him from doing it but at least he was just grabbing the ones off the ground.  (Don't worry, I was checking them)

He was my bag helper.

I mean, I can't get over my big helper.  He was up on the ladder saying how the best ones were at the top and he just has to get up there and grab them.  Dad would be so proud he would say.

We were having a little trouble with our furnace this week.  It was kicking on and shutting off.  Matt's dad came over to help us out and see what the problem was.  Evan put on his iPad headphones and was using them to listen to the machine to see what was going on.

AHHH, so super excited for my new cookbook this week.  I am making the butternut squash soup.  I have all of her books and folks, they don't disappoint.  Go get yourself a copy.

The sweet woman at Method sent me some products to try.  I thought I would never find a scent I loved more than grapefruit but I have to say, I think I did.  I am loving these and I know you will to.  It is also nice to know that these are non toxic.  I don't worry at all wiping down the counters or letting my kids help  me clean.

I put my all purpose cleaner to good use with a small project that I will post later next week for my small project series.  

There you have it folks, this week was not that exciting.  We are gearing up for a fun weekend.  Don't forget to check back tomorrow for my favorites of the week.

That is life lately around here.

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