Monday, October 31, 2016

Let's Talk... Food

Just another manic Monday! 

Once a month I link up with Erika from A Little Bit of Everything and Andrea from Momfessionals.  This month we are talking about what has been cooking in our kitchen lately.

I have been really working on making healthy hearty meals for my family.  I try to focus on quick, simple, easy, kid friendly stuff and I have been having huge success with Mix and Match Mama's new cookbook EATS.  I just got it in the mail last week and I have made so many wonderful recipes.  

Cooking for a family is sometimes challenging.  Throw in a bathroom remodel and a boys bedroom renovation and it becomes near impossible some days. 

When life gets busy we order out.  This particular night we both were so exhausted so we got chinese.  I was curled up on the couch reading a book when Matt walked in with a plate of chicken fingers in the shape of a heart!  I laughed!

I am slowly starting to realize that I have two boys.  If you are a mama to boys you know what it is like to feed these guys.  I have run out of milk two weeks in a row and we can eat an entire package of berries in one sitting.  Having fresh berries on the counter is always a necessity in our house.

Strawberry salads have been on rotation for lunch.  They are light and refreshing and remind me of my wedding day.  We had the best organic strawberry salads.  It was one of the most talked about moments of the wedding.

The boys and I made Halloween cookies!  

The lion breakfast has been a big favorite lately.

Every spring we buy a cow to raise and butcher for meat.   We have so much meat in our freezer.  I probably cook red meat more than I should but we love it.  We also got a pig so we rotate between beef, pork and chicken.  This particular steak I was marinating in Trader Joe's brown sugar bbq sauce and it was delicious.  We grilled it and all four of us shared this giant steak.

Mix and Match Mama's chicken bites from her cook book EATS.

& her butternut squash soup.  So delicious and easy.  I have made this soup a few times and each time  I adjust the ingredients just a tad and each time it is delicious. 

I had an extra butternut squash and decided to just bake it, sauté some veggies and make my own soup in my vitamin.  It was perfect for the crisp cool fall day we were having.

My garden totally surprised me.  I had a few peppers and a bunch of tomatoes.  I was super excited.  I cut them up and grilled them to add to a pasta dish I threw together.  You can usually find me doing this towards the end of the week when I am running low on groceries and I need to use up some veggies before they go bad. 

This dish I grilled up some onions, zucchini and garlic.  Made a quick garlic butter cream sauce, threw it all over some linguini and bam, dinner done.

That is about it for what has been in my kitchen lately.  Hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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  1. Your pictures were great in this post! So sorry we flaked today! We're gonna post ours next Monday so link this post up then. sorry! Happy Halloween!


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