Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Journey to Health

Hey Everyone!  I am so excited to share with you one of my most amazing friends.  She is one of the toughest mama's I know.  She is inspiring.  She is motivating. And!  she is here to share her story with you.

I hope this story inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

Hi guys, my name is Tania and I’m 32 years old and a proud mom of a five year old daughter and identical twin boys. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life, after having my daughter it was touch and go, but after the birth of my boys I was in such survival mode I never realized just how bad I was suffering. I was desperate and knew I needed to do something but had no idea what that something was. I kept telling myself I didn't have time and gave myself a million excuses. I unknowing was telling myself I was not worth the time to take care of me.

In June 2016 a friend invited me to join a clean eating group she was running and it was at this point that I began my health and fitness journey. What I did not expect was to gain the physical and mental benefits that I needed so desperately in my life.

So after I joined this clean eating group I was excited and motivated to find other ways to continue down this path. The friend running the group had invited me to her other groups that would require me to purchase a full program and stick with it for 21 days. She sent me her before and after pictures and rattled off a bunch of information, but I was already sold. I knew I needed to take charge of my health, I needed to find ways to take care of me so I could fill my kids and husbands cups daily. I was so depressed and anxious all the time it really kept me from seeing all the beauty and potential around me, but that first week gave me hope.

So I jumped head first into the 21 day fix program and fell in love! I found so much of what I needed and wanted from the accountability group. The friendships, the motivation, the accountability, it was all there! I could feel myself changing, I am not just talking the physical changes but the mental changes were exactly what I needed. I was happier, I had more energy, I wasn't as short with the kids, and found joy in going out with them instead of feeling like it was to much for me to handle. After a month of the program I committed to 1 more, I wasn't done yet and knew I needed to continue the program so I became a coach.

I wanted others to feel what I was feeling, to see this amazing transformation happen out of the darkest of places. Joining as a coach was my way of giving back to others exactly what I needed and found in the challenge groups I was invited to. My biggest goal in this journey is to find peace and health and not let a scale or a number on a waist band define me. My mental health and confidence is so strong that I refuse to feel defeated by a number.
So before someone thinks comone there's no way you don't like seeing the physical, let me clarify. I love seeing the physical changes, I enjoy seeing the number on the scale go down, I love that I have had to rebuy the same pair of jeans I bought and haven't had the chance to wear in the 3 months I've had them 3 times. BUT this is not what keeps me going, The weight and inches are going to come off because I am eating better, I am pushing my body to do things it's not use to doing. I will get to a healthier weight, but to get there I need to have my mental health. I need my mind to continue changing so I want to work out and eat healthier and not fall off every time I have a bad day.

I do not want my children to look in a mirror and see “to fat” or “to thin”. I do not want my children to shame their bodies or others for the beauty it has given us. I want them to feel confident in their journey and know they are beautiful because they are an individual and not what society says a person should look like.

My body has housed 6 pregnancies and produced 3 children, I have stretch marks and loose skin but that is part of my journey. That is my motivation to keep going because I am taking care of me every day and that helps me take care of my family.

I would love to extend an offer to all of you, the same offer that was given to me. Join one of my clean eating groups, join one of my accountability groups and take charge of your health. I want to see you succeed and reach your goals. I want you to feel healthier mentally, feel stronger physically, and find ways to make better healthier choices every day.
If you are ready to commit then there is no better day than today! Message me let's talk on how to get you there!

Instagram: journey2health_mom23
Facebook: Tania Dency

Can you believe it?!?! This woman is seriously my true hero. She is so dedicated, determined and hardworking. Her family is precious. She is one of my best friends. I can not tell you how proud I am of her and all her accomplishments. She is a motivating mama for sure. If you think you would like to start your own journey please feel free to contact her below. I am joining her second challenge group starting today through a Facebook group and OH Boy, it does not disappoint.

Thanks for checking in! We have one week to go before Daddy is home!

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