Monday, October 24, 2016

Life Lately & a little Weekend Recap

Good Morning Monday!  I can't even believe we are already back here again.  Some times the weekends go by just a little bit fast.  However, really for me when Matt is home, the weekends don't matter much because he has the entire month off but we just have so many activities on weekends that they tend to fly by.

However, since my weekend wasn't all that exciting I figured I would do a life lately instead of a weekend recap.  

We were very lucky to have a great week of awesome weather.  We took advantage by giving our dogs a nice sudsy bubble bath.  

Kinley probably dislikes this process the most but yet she sits there perfectly still.  

Ryan loved giving them a bath, especially the part where he could spray them with the hose.

My lady, how much hair do you have?!!?  This girl has the thickest coat.  No matter how much we brush her we always have hair flying through the air.

word to the wise: never wear black at our house.

Newman is always just excited to see his leash, he knows he is going for a walk.  So after his bath we took them all for a long walk up the road to dry them out.

The boys lost interest towards the end and decide to climb the tree and swing off the rope swing.

We love enjoying family golf cart rides around the neighborhood.

The weather was so warm some of us were shirtless.

Then it hit me!!!  I was so congested and it felt like my head was going to explode.  It put me on the couch for a solid few days.  I had the worst headache.  

Thank you ladies for all the home remedy recipes to help ease the pain.  Since I can't take meds I tried a lot of your recipes and I have to say, I am feeling much better, so thank you.

Seriously guys!  The hydrangeas I snagged from Wegmans are still going strong.  I love me a white hydrangea.  I only changed the water once due to my lack of the green thumb and time... and we still have a great vase of flowers.

I forgot my water bottle this week but luckily found this gem inside my purse.  I was able to still get my water in thanks to Ryan! :)

Our property can make the most gorgeous sun rise!

There is nothing better than seeing the fog come off the lake in the brisk early hours of the morning.

After bath snapchat fun!

Ryan is having a HUGE interest in potty training so this was the book we picked one night after bath.  

We are trying to stock up for the winter and Matt had his helpers out with him chopping some wood.  

Just because we are in fall doesn't mean we can only eat comfort food.  I broke out the summer salad for two reasons.  One it was near 80 degrees and for two, it was the signature salad at our wedding.  Strawberry salads give me all the feels!

Lastly, how can you pass up a cute lion for breakfast.  

That is our life lately.  Thanks for checking in.  I hope that ya'll have a chance to enter my giveaway with Stonyfield.  If you haven't, click here.  

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