Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Favorites

Good Morning Friends! Every Friday I link up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea to tell you what my favorites are for the week.  I can't contain my excitement so lets just get started.


Last week I received the best gift in the mail.  Method sent me two products to try.  I am loving their grapefruit all purpose cleaner and thought I would never find a scent I loved more.  I was wrong.  This lime + sea salt is awesome.  You need to try it.  I have been using it constantly.  I love that this is a non toxic plant based cleaner.  I feel comfortable using it on my kids craft table, the kitchen counters, the tub, anything that my kids touch.  I feel good knowing that I am doing something good. You can buy it at Target!  or here!


I got Mix and Match Mama's new cookbook EATS.  I love it.  I love her recipes.... and if you haven't ordered your copy yet, you need to.  It is like a mom's dream come true.  Good food, easy & quick and most importantly her recipes are kid approved. 


I know you might think that I am going to say I am loving my bootie this week but you would be wrong.  I am actually loving my spanx jeans!  You know how you go through your closet and you find something you forgot you had and that it instantly becomes your favorite thing.  These jeans have been on repeat this week.


We went apple picking this week.  So naturally, my favorite would be this delicious snack.  The apples are so fresh and always much tastier when picked yourself.  I know both boys are loving the easily accessible apples in the house.


I am really excited to say that I am loving the Beauty Counter products.  I am starting off with the skincare line but I am interested to start trying the make up.  Have any of you tried this?  I am especially excited to see how the charcoal bar works.  I have heard great things.


So good!  I ordered a bunch from amazon.  I really love ginger and this was a great mix.  If you are thinking of trying  a kombucha, I highly recommend the ginger-lemon flavor.


Lastly, my favorite would be celebrating October with Matt.  He just got home and we have just a few short weeks to indulge in everything pumpkin.  

I hope you have a great weekend.  See ya Monday!

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  1. I almost picked up a few Beauty Counter Products while at Target last night. I am surprised they still have products left on the shelf. I am hearing great things about the make-up and skincare line. Happy Weekend !


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