Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  We are going into our last weekend home alone (without Daddy) and we are so excited.  That means this is the last week Daddy will miss soccer and swimming.  It means that Daddy can do bath time and bed time.  It means Daddy can feed the dogs.  It means Daddy can feed the chickens.  It means Daddy can close up the coop at night.  It means Daddy can take out the trash and carry in the groceries.  HA I think I am getting a little more excited than my boys right now.  Can you tell I am ready for a break, a bathroom break alone and maybe a hot cup of coffee!!

Seriously, I can't wait for him to get home because we have so many fun fall things to catch up on.  I hope we can get to the orchard and pick apples, carve some pumpkins, do a few haunted hay rides... and then want to know something crazy..

Towards the end of the shift we are going to have a Thanksgiving dinner and after that right before he leaves for the ship we are going to be putting Christmas lights on our house.  Yup, oh my busy month.

That is how how we live our life.  In hitches.

So enough about that, lets talk about the goods I got going on.  I link up with Erika, Narcy, and Andrea every week to bring you my favorites.  So let's get started.


AHHH, falls shoes are on rotation.  The one thing that I am struggling with around here is that when I wake up early morning it is really chilly out.  54 degrees chilly... So you want to dress for it!  But come mid day I am out and about and I am over heating.  So, the solution you ask.  I throw flip flops in my bag.   I totally love the saltwater duck boot by Sperry.  

Converse- all day.  Every day.  I finally convinced my kids they are cool and they want a pair.  Maybe we will be a converse family.  #icantstop #iwantstop #iwantallthecolors

So a while back I became a sole society lover!  If you haven't been to their site I suggest you check it out.  They have amazing deals on cute styles and let me just say that all the boots I own from them are so comfortable.  I think they run true to size.  


Speaking of loving sole society... I ordered this bag.  It is a great size tote for everything.  I can use it for the kids stuff, my stuff, day trip stuff.  The best part is that it is faux leather.   


My sister came over this week to visit and she watched the boys so I could sneak away for a facial.  It was very long over due.  I was in desperate need.  I started breaking out last week out of no where.  I felt really great after I left there.  So great that I booked another one for the end of the month.  


I told you the other day that I had been terrible at planning and meal prepping.  I want to eat clean.  I want to eat healthy so I decided... I am totally going to figure this thing out.  & I did!  w/ a little help from A Touch of Grace. 


Fall in love with the most perfect low cut bootie for fall.  I know that since I am so short I have a hard time showing skin b/n my jean and my bootie... and these boots are low enough to show just the right amount of skin.  #shortgirlproblems


I have been adding juices to my day.  I started out with just fruit juices because I was scared.  Then I started adding in veggies and now I can drink cashew milk.  I never thought that I would be able to get through an entire bottle of straight up greens before but I can now and honestly it isn't that bad.  I also feel so much more refreshed.  I feel healthier and fit.  I feel energized.  I think juicing could be a really great thing.  I am not sure I could only do juice, for a cleanse, but I could certainly add it in as an easy way to get in my greens.  


So, randomly strolling through target I came across this sleeveless sweater.  I grabbed it and threw it in my cart.  It so happened that I had a 25% off coupon so I was super excited.  It quickly became my go to throw.  I wore it almost everything all week.  It was just the right amount of warmth for these brisk mornings.

There you have it.  My favorites for the week.  I usually start making a tally of all the things I loved and add them to my list in no particular order.. but if I had to choose I think the suede Ajax boots from Joie are my favorite.  

See you all Tuesday!  I will recap my weekend for you.  Have a great holiday weekend friends.  

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