Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Day In The Life of Us

Every few months I like to do a Day in the Life of Us.  I randomly picked this day not realizing it was going to be a very hectic and not a "normal" day for us.  Most of my days are usually the same.  We wake up, go to school, play, errands, work out, dinner, bath, bed.  Well, on this day we had so many fun things on the calendar. This was a random date I had picked many weeks back.

Here you go, A Day in the Life of Us (Friday, September 29, 2016)

I woke up late this morning.  I usually wake up at 5 but Ryan was up at 4 for some reason and I finally got him to go back down.  I laid down and before I realized my alarm had been going off.  I jumped out of bed, came down and started my cup of coffee.  Aren't these mugs adorable? I got them super cheap at Pottery Barn a while back.  I think they were $7.99

Around 6am, I was sitting down publishing my blog post and doing a little reading.  

I love my new book the life-changing magic of tidying up.  I read a few chapters on the couch with a candle glowing.

6:30 I started on the dishes.  I had to unload a bunch and I had quite a few pots soaking in the sink that I needed to tend to.  After I finished putting all the dishes away I started to get Evan's snack together.  On Friday's he has a short day so he doesn't eat lunch at school.  He does have a snack and I usually send him with a water bottle, a yogurt drink, and today I did cheddar cheese shapes and crackers.

I put the cheese in a reusable bag and the crackers in this container so that they don't get squished.  I love the re-play snack containers.  I usually throw in an ice pack at the bottom to keep the yogurt cool.  The lunch bag is from Pottery Barn Kids.  We got the whole she-bang.  The back pack, the water bottle, the lunch box and the snack bag.

After I got his snack together I got a little side tracked and started wiping down the inside of my fridge.  

I tossed a few things that didn't look great and I wiped everything down with a clorox wipe.  I moved a few things around.

Around 7am, this little nugget made his way downstairs.  He came into the playroom to admire his glowing pumpkin.

I unplug the pumpkin at night but I know the boys love to see it glowing so I made sure to have it on for when they came downstairs.

After Ryan came down I started breakfast.  He requested oatmeal so I made that and threw in a cut up banana.  My kids are so different.   Evan would never eat oatmeal with fruit in it, and Ryan rarely eats meat.  

After breakfast he read a book...  He was pointing out all the animals and saying "mom, whats this, mom, whats this?"  he was so into it.

7:30-7:45 I cleaned up a quick breakfast and Ryan and I went upstairs to wake up Evan.  He had school and I couldn't believe he was still sleeping.  I brought up Evan a bagel and he ate it in my bed while watching cartoons with Ryan.  

I got dressed quick, washed my face and opened my caboodle to throw on some make up.  Whaaaaaat, you guys don't have a caboodle anymore.  You mean you quit this in 7th grade, well, not I.  I am a caboodle loving 36 year old.  I keep everything in this little black box.  I love that I can close it up and put it away.  It is all together.  I am actually laughing at the fact I have a caboodle.

How nice is this, everything is all organized and contained. It folds up nice, hides along side the dresser, no mess.  No fuss.  Not that I would ever take this all with me if I was traveling but if necessary, the gang is all here.  For those of you interested, I got it at Target.  Don't be scared, go get yourself a caboodle.

It was a dreary rainy cold morning.  I threw on my favorite Target sweats, my gap long sleeve white tee and my rugby by Ralph Lauren flannel.

My indoor/outdoor slippers are from Ugg.  They are so comfortable.  I first bought them to just wear inside.  Then I got crazy and bought every color and wear them as shoes.  #momlife

It is now 8:45.  Both kids are dressed and they're teeth are brushed.  
I get Evan in the car and Ryan stayed home to play with Matt's Uncle.  We call him Deez.  It makes drop off so easy.  We live right down the street from school so it is really quick.  Deez doesn't mind and it is so much nicer for me not to lug Ryan in and out for such a quick thing.

Heading into school.  Evan looks up and we saw Bubba driving by in the truck (Bubba is Matt's Dad)

He was really excited to see Bubba.

Before school every morning the kids are required to wash their hands before entering the school.  This is the time of the day that Evan moves at his slowest speed.  He moves so slow that he actually doesn't even look like he is doing anything.  I am always encouraging him while the line of toddlers starts to creep out the door waiting on Evan.

I came home and started on the laundry.  I threw in all the pajamas that we wore last night and brought them down for a wash.

Before loading the washer I had to take clothes out of the dryer, transfer the wash into the dryer and then start the new load.  Come on guys, you know the drill.  The laundry shuffle because you forgot the day before.

I came upstairs and started folding.  Every Wednesday I strip all the beds and wash our sheets.  Here are the sheets from Wednesday.  

After the laundry I did a quick vacuum of the hardwood and the carpets.

Evan and Ryan have been moving these pumpkins on the wood stove every day to a new place.  I am not really sure the reason but they keep comparing them to the elf on the shelf... Whatever keeps them occupied right.

After the vacuuming I washed the floors.  I spray a little bleach solution in the water. 

I got the floors done and then I went upstairs to clean up the kids room and make our beds.

It was 11am now, I got a few things put away, cleaned up.  The beds were made nice and the toys were put away.  

Ryan loves jumping on the beds while I am trying to make them.  

But we got it done.  Take note of all the toys piled on the train table to the right of the crib.

I got them put away.  Success!

We came downstairs to a very hungry little girl.  & by little I mean big.  She is a big girl.  On a diet.  We gave her some carrots for her snack.

Started on some more laundry.

I had a little helper.  I also was trying to catch up on Grey's Anatomy.

Around 11:50 I loaded Ryan up and we went to get mee-mon (that is what Ryan calls him) and I usually hear "get mee-mon" about 50 times while he is at school.

I got Evan at noon time.  I just told him we were heading to his friends house for a play date.  He loves his little friend Thea and when I told him they were having us over for pizza he was even more excited.

The kids had a blast playing dress up and casting spells on each other.  While us moms ate salads and chatted about how crazy our lives are.  The kids play so well together.  It is so great now to see them including Ryan in on their little activities.

We left our playdate and came home to more laundry around 3pm.  They both took a bath when we got home and put on their pajamas.  We were going to a friends house around 6 for pizza.  I convinced my kids that it was a pajama party.  I knew we would be out late and I did not want to wrestle them when we got back.  Normally, I never leave my house after 5 when I am home with the kids alone.  I usually am just so strict with their schedule as I am doing it all alone.  But this particular night I decided to go for it.  I got the laundry cleaned up, and everything ready for bed for when we return late.

We went over our friends house and we had an absolute blast.  She had ordered pizza and put out a major spread of snacks and appetizers.  Let's not forget adult drinks!

My little skeleton was still going strong at 8:30. 

To settle the kids we put on a movie.  That lasted for 5 minutes.  Finally around 9pm I got Evan to get  going.  He didn't want to leave.  It wasn't until everyone else was getting ready to leave that he gave in and realized that Yes, he really was exhausted.

We left the get together around 9pm, got home shortly passed 9:15 and I carried Ryan right up to bed.  I had a bottle already in the fridge ready to go and he didn't even need it.  Evan came in to brush his teeth and then crawled into my bed.  I put the sleep timer on for him for 30 minutes and it took 2 minutes before he was out.  I logged onto the computer to write Matt a quick email telling him about our night and I think by 11pm, I was out cold.  

So there you have it!  A day in the life of us.  I didn't even take a screenshot of my phone when I got into bed because it was all a blur.  I was so wiped.  I couldn't even believe that we were out so late.  That is totally not like me but I had a lot of fun.  My boys had a lot of fun.  Plus, my friends and I decided we should do this once a month.  It was a lot of fun.  

Thanks for checking in.  Today is Day 1 of my clean eating challenge group so stay tuned for recipes, work out tips etc.  Also, if you are interested in joining the group please message me and I will add you.  My group coach is such an inspiring motivating mama!  I am lucky to be able to join.

Until tomorrow everyone!

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  1. Love the Caboodle! Ha! Also love the light up pumpkins. I am going to have to find some. My girls would love those.


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